The RED BULL KTM REPLICA TEAM collection is more than just apparel; it's a ticket to feeling part of the pulsating heart of racing. Designed to echo the spirit of KTM's factory racing heroes, this collection brings fans closer to the thrilling world of racing.

    The bold "RACING" lettering emblazoned on the front of each item in this collection is more than just a word; it's a symbol of speed, passion, and high-performance lifestyle. This striking feature immediately connects fans to the world of motorsports, embodying a spirit of adventure and competition.


    Every piece, from the meticulously designed jackets to the sleek, performance-oriented shirts, embodies the speed, agility, and fearless attitude of the track. Wearing items from this collection is about wearing a piece of racing history, a tangible connection to the adrenaline-fueled motorsport. The RED BULL KTM REPLICA TEAM collection offers a diverse range of apparel for men, women, and children, ensuring that fans of all ages can show their racing spirit. This comprehensive line includes hoodies, polos, shirts, sweaters, softshell, and winter jackets, each designed with a unique blend of style, comfort, and the iconic energy of racing – on and off the track. The collection's design features the iconic RED BULL and KTM logos, making it instantly recognizable, fostering a sense of pride and belonging among fans. Whether at a race track or in everyday life, wearing this collection symbolizes a commitment to speed, power, and the unbridled spirit of motorcycle racing. 

    The RED BULL KTM REPLICA TEAM collection is not only about joining the team. We want fans to be able to use the products our athletes will be taking into the intense swirl of competition. High standards and performance are therefore paramount and that’s why we continue to partner with market leaders OGIO for the best in materials and functionality.


    Racers might be heading for a flight or packing their offroad gear after flying to victory on track but our REPLICA TEAM luggage means you can always catch them for style. The fusion of OGIO®'s renowned design expertise with KTM's racing spirit makes all the travel bags an indispensable companion for every adventurous journey, resonating with the dynamism of the racing world.

    The collection includes the Team Gear Bag, a spacious and durable option for all racing gear needs, the Replica Team Terminal Bag, epitomizing practicality with a sleek racing design, and the Replica Team Layover Bag, perfect for shorter trips with its compact & efficient storage, reflecting the dynamic spirit of the track.

    The Replica Team Travel Bag 9800 – Pro is a testament to functionality and style for the avid motorcycling enthusiast. This premium bag includes a dedicated MX boot bag, ensuring your essential gear stays organized and accessible. Its new changeable wheel set is a game-changer for mobility, offering smooth and easy transportation regardless of the terrain. Enhanced with upgraded heavy-duty grab handles, this bag promises durability and comfort in handling. 


    The accessories range in this collection, encompassing bottles, caps, beanies, and an umbrella, perfectly complements the high-energy lifestyle of motorsports enthusiasts. Each item merges functionality with the distinctive racing aesthetic. The bottles are designed for durability and ease of use, ideal for staying hydrated on the go. Caps and beanies feature stylish designs, offering both comfort and a strong visual connection to the racing world. The umbrella stands out for its robust construction and striking design, ensuring you're prepared for any weather while showcasing your passion for the race team. Together, these accessories encapsulate the essence of the racing spirit.

    What sets the RED BULL KTM REPLICA TEAM collection apart is its authentic reflection of the KTM racing team's dynamic energy and Red Bull's iconic, high-octane brand essence. It's crafted for those who dream of revving engines and the exhilaration of a race day, offering fans a way to showcase their passion and support. 

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