• Factory feeling, fit and fabric


  • Zipped, locked and loaded for speed

    Like the rest of KTM’s best products, the latest RALLY PRO gear has come from the toughest domains of competition and testing. The smallest details and the finest adjustments have meshed for the best possible performance from a versatile riding outfit. Riders can focus on the feeling and flow of the bike on the trail, safe in the knowledge that the RALLY PRO jacket and pants will fold seamlessly into the package. 

    Almost twenty victories from the depths of the Dakar rally and other countless achievements offroad means that KTM have special insight for what riders need, what fabrics and facilities work and what vulnerabilities can be found when tackling the most ardent terrain.

    For years, the company have been tweaking and refining gear by listening to racers and hearing customers and dealers, and the latest expression of RALLY PRO is the direct result of that feedback and development. The clothing comes from the source of the same desire to make everything KTM ‘orange’ stand apart and the RALLY PRO jacket and pant combination will be top of the pile, both in the wardrobe and at speed.



    CONSTRUCTION: Elasticized fabrics and carefully composed mesh sections means the jacket gives maximum flexibility at minimal weight and with optimum cooling and ventilation. High denier grade ensures hardwearing material but panels around the elbows and arms guarantee a movable garment.

    PRACTICALITY: Reaching around the back of the jacket means riders will find a large cargo pocket and the positioning of the storage prevents distracting weight on the front of the product. If temperatures soar then the sleeves can be easily detached and TPR hose opening stops a hydration tube from flapping needlessly close to the rider’s helmet.

    SAFETY: The higher cut of the collar and resistant shoulder area means that the jacket is primed for neck brace compatibility. A concession to the hazards of branches and other obstacles is made through the foam padding around the elbow and lower arm zones.

    PERSONALITY: Unmistakable ‘READY TO RACE’ styling and Factory Racing supplier logos help with the sporty design of the RALLY PRO but the cool provision of Velcro patches (in two colors) permits the rider to ‘run’ their own special number.


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