KTM to throttle MotoGP™ future thanks to new Mobil 1™ synergy

Red Bull KTM Factory Racing will chase trophies, glory and high targets for sustainability at the highest levels of competition thanks to a new beneficial and proactive partnership with American firm ExxonMobil for their MotoGP participation.

The factory squad classified as runner-up in the 2022 world championship Grand Prix series and has inked a multi-year deal with the Mobil 1™ brand that was established almost half a century ago. Mobil 1™ is recognised as a major global name and innovator when it comes to engine lubricants, synthetic grease, oil filters and transmission fluids.

Personalized Mobil 1™ product will flow through the potent innards of the KTM RC16 race bikes; highly advanced prototype machinery that have owned Grands Prix events for the last three seasons despite KTM only entering MotoGP racing full-time in 2017.

The accord between KTM and Mobil 1™ has important wider implications. Mobil 1™ is part of the vast ExxonMobil corporation; the American specialists have over a century of experience developing petroleum solutions for all corners of society and include the demands of elite level motorsports in their remit.

KTM foresee that the link will feed into their efforts for an amplified ‘green’ footprint in the sport. MotoGP is the most watched and prestigious motorcycle racing series in the FIM canon of disciplines. The contest originated in 1949 and reaches a 75th anniversary in 2024: the year when MotoGP will impose a regulation where all three principal classes will have to use fuel made from a minimum of 40% non-fossil origin as part of its plan towards better sustainability. Three years later, in time for the 2027 championship, MotoGP combustion-engine fuel - and the technology that has boosted record top speeds to more than 363 km/h (225mph) - must be 100% non-fossil originated.

Pit Beirer, KTM Motorsports Director: “This collaboration is important to us for a few reasons. ExxonMobil is a major name in the industry and also motorsports with a big presence in racing and we know we will count on their premium lubricants for our Red Bull KTM RC16. They have a similar mentality to us when it comes to aiming for the top level and the best performance, and that also flows into our goals for the future where we really want to be part of this shift in MotoGP sustainability with race fuels. We are looking forward to representing Mobil lubricants in MotoGP competition.”

Rob Shearer, ExxonMobil Global Sponsorships & Motorsports Manager: “This is an exciting new partnership for Mobil 1, and we are looking forward to developing a long and successful relationship with such a distinguished, dynamic & innovative brand as KTM.  Our role will be to provide high performing cutting-edge fuels and lubricants, and hopefully Red Bull KTM can deliver to us race wins and championship. What is certain, however, is that ultimately the consumer will win as we refine and improve the products we supply around the world. Today’s announcement enables us to continue to showcase our advanced, high-performance lubricant technologies. With the season-opener in Portugal fast approaching, we look forward to working with Red Bull KTM Factory Racing and exciting riders like Brad Binder and Jack Miller with the aim to help the team towards their world championship goals.”