Successful SOP & simultaneous milestone

KTM Sportcar GmbH rolls the first series manufacture KTM X-BOW GTX off the production in the presence of Stefan Pierer and Hubert Trunkenpolz.

"Following conception, development, and testing all completed in record time, and thanks to the tireless efforts of KTM Sportcar GmbH's development team, and that of development partner Reiter Engineering, the partners have celebrated the first KTM X-BOW GTX rolling off the series production line. In attendance for this occasion was KTM CEO Stefan Pierer and KTM CMO Hubert Trunkenpolz. The full-carbon vehicle, which will also be available as a 600hp GT2 version for the GT2 European Series, is already a real GTX milestone. The tried and true carbon-monocoque now includes a homologated GT roll cage and a competition motor racing seat from Recaro. The sports car is driven by the legendary five-cylinder Audi motor, which, in the GTX version, weighs in at only 1,050 kg and achieves 530 hp.

Numerous other technological innovations, such as electrical switching, electrical steering, digital fuse boxes, rearview mirror camera systems, or display steering wheels, all underline that the new KTM X-BOW GTX is "Ready to Race".