• 165 teams, more than 30 GT3 cars, yet two KTM X-BOW GTX in the top-30 overall
  • Thanks to McChip-DKR, Teichmann Racing can start after a serious practice crash
  • Timo Mölig, Daniel Bohr & Reinhard Kofler score full points for the Cup ranking


Just in time for the first of May, the Nürburgring Nordschleife presented itself in perfect weather conditions for the 165 teams who had submitted their entries for the third round of the Nürburgring Endurance Series. The "62nd EIBACH ADAC ACAS Cup" also served many participants as a final preparation for this year's 24-hour race, with a correspondingly large number of teams in the SP9 GT3 class at the grid. However, the KTM X-BOW GTX and GT4 teams were not deterred by this and showed impressively that they’re ready for the upcoming season highlight, the 24-hour race.


In the GTX class, there was already some excitement before the official start of the event on Saturday morning: Namely, in Friday's track day, the KTM X-BOW GTX number 910 had crashed and it soon became apparent that it would not be possible to repair the car in time for Saturday's race. In an unprecedented move, team owner Danny Kubasik's McChip-DKR team, which was not at the start of this race, stepped in at short notice and provided their KTM X-BOW GTX "Kati M", which meant that the trio Timo Mölig/Daniel Bohr/Reinhard Kofler were able to compete after all.


With the "rental car" the team showed a great performance and scored full points for the "KTM X-BOW CUP powerd by KTM", after the fastest KTM X-BOW GTX of the weekend (with Reinhard Kofler, Johannes Stuck and Ferdinand Stuck at the wheel) is not eligible for points there. And the positions in the overall standings were also more than respectable in the end: Kofler/Stuck/Stuck ranked 24th overall as the best Cup car, directly followed by Mölig/Bohr/Kofler in 25th place, among the GT3 cars. No less sensational was the result of the best KTM X-BOW GT4: 32nd overall for Georg Griesemann/Maik Rönnefarth and Yves Volte, thus scoring full points in the GT4 classification of the "KTM X-BOW CUP powered by MICHELIN". Markus Oestreich and Jens Dralle piloted the third KTM X-BOW GTX to 56th overall and third place in the GTX standings, while Stephan Brodmerkel/Michael Mönch/Kara Osman Ercan finished 86th overall. Last classified KTM X-BOW was right behind it, the Permit-B-GT4 of the trio Felix von der Laden/Tamino Bergmeier/Tim Sandtler in 87th place.


Unfortunately, the beautiful "MOTUL" KTM X-BOW GTX from Teichmann Racing did not finish at its premiere: The number 920 with the strong driver team of Hendrik Still, Constantin Schöll and Max Hofer was a strong competitor in the fight for victory in the "KTM X-BOW CUP powered by MICHELIN" in practice, qualifying and race, but dropped out at the beginning of the last third of the race after a technical problem.