• naked from the ground up


  • Welcome to the bullshit-free world of KTM Naked bikes.

    A true Naked bike is pure and exposed. No fairings or windscreens required. The 2024 KTM DUKE Range models, unlike the competition, are purpose-built Naked bikes rather than stripped down Superbikes. 

    As KTM celebrates the 30th anniversary of this iconic range of motorcycles, it aims to be as brutally authentic as possible. Naked from the ground up. 



    790 DUKE

    Brought back in 2023 thanks to high demand, THE ORIGINAL SCALPEL continues to live up its name in 2024. With its lightweight chassis and ultra-sharp cornering ability, this bike is the perfect tool for slicing through corners with ease. The KTM 790 DUKE is as sharp as ever!


    390 Duke

    The KTM 390 DUKE  gets a boost of ‘badassery’ for 2024. Its all-new aggressive looks really back up its characteristic razor-sharp handling, capable 399cc engine, and advanced tech. This incredibly nimble performer is just as comfortable dominating the city’s back streets as it is smashing apexes on more open twisty roads – NO BULLSHIT! This machine truly embodies its CORNER ROCKET title.

    250 DUKE

    The all-new KTM 250 DUKE is not called THE THRILL CHASER for nothing. Its nimble handling and punchy engine performance ensure that you’ll be chasing thrills but leading the ride.

    Please note: 250 DUKE is only available in selected countries.

    125 Duke

    The 2024 KTM 125 DUKE is your entry point to the DUKE revolution. An ultra-capable machine in the city or out of it. THE SPAWN OF THE BEAST is the perfect first step into the no-nonsense world of KTM Naked bikes.

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