KTM X-BOW track days back in 2022 with four events at the Red Bull Ring

  • From March to October: four events at the Grand Prix circuit in Styria, open to all brands and manufacturers
  • From amateur to professional: wide range of activities available and lots of track time too
  • From the KTM X-BOW R to the KTM X-BOW GT2: entire product range available for testing at all events


The new calendar for the KTM X-BOW track days has been released. The 2022 season offers plenty of exciting activities spread across four separate events at the Red Bull Ring in Austria, offering extensive testing opportunities, lots of track time and group-based driving.

“We are delighted to have put together such an attractive package for the coming year,” said Birgit Kampl, who is responsible for organising the track days. “The events have become a firm fixture of the motorsport season for KTM Sportcar GmbH. It is important that the events are open to everyone, from amateur to professional.”

With the events splitting participants up into different groups, everyone will have the chance to enjoy the track day at their own pace. Exclusive stints are set aside for racing cars and for road cars, as well as endurance stints for more time on track.

The chance to test out the KTM product range at one of the world’s most spectacular circuits is undoubtedly the highlight of the 2022 calendar. The road-going KTM X-BOW R will be available to test during the track days, as well as racing machines such as the KTM X-BOW GT4, the KTM X-BOW GTX and the KTM X-BOW GT2.

The events are open to all manufacturers to ensure that a diverse range of cars can take part in the track day.



31 March 2022 (noise limit: 123 dB)

23 May 2022 (noise limit: 132 dB)

7 September 2022 (noise limit: 132 dB)

24 October 2022 (noise limit: 123 dB)




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Birgit Kampl

Event Coordinator

+43 676 37 90 887