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    a date with the beast

  • It’s time to put aside your fears and book a date with KTM’s most ferocious BEAST – The new, limited KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE RR.

    Lean and mean, this Naked powerhouse boasts a seriously impressive 1:1 power-to-weight ratio. Weighing in at just 180 kg (dry weight), it‘s incredibly agile and responsive, making it an absolute blast to ride - GP circuit or mountain pass. Advanced suspension, braking and electronics allow those who dare, to push the thrill factor to the absolute outer limits.

    In a hunt to save grams, almost every single body panel is made from lightweight materials or carbon fiber. It is the epitome of both function and form. A real masterpiece of design and engineering, perfectly primed to deliver the wildest, high-performance ride of your life.

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    Sleek and aggressive, this bike's sharp lines and aggressive forward stance evoke fear in its rivals, even when it's standing still. And, when you factor in the 180 hp and 140 Nm of torque coming from fire breathing powerhouse, it becomes an even more frightening prospect for any would-be challengers.



    This ferocious Super Naked truly embodies the essence of cutting-edge design, performance, and technology. With tar ripping torque, unbelievable agility, and intimidating BEASTLY style the KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE RR is a purpose-built engineering masterpiece ready to smash lap times as willingly as it does apexes.

    Don't miss your chance to own a piece of motorcycle history. But to ride this BEAST you must be a beast yourself. So, step up to the plate and book your date with the new KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE RR, and enjoy the wildest ride of your life – every day!

    Wipe the sweat from your brow, bite your lip and make it happen.