• The KTM X-BOW GT4 with Kofler and Janits to race once more for Reiter Engineering
  • The season primarily made possible by partners RMN Ingolstadt & EnergieDirect
  • The goal is to fight to defend the title in what is currently the strongest GT4 League

Last year, the premiere year of the ADAC GT4 Germany, it was the Reiter Engineering “Felbermayr” KTM X-BOW GT4, driven by Mads Siljehaug and Eike Angermayr, which gave Austria and the KTM Sportcar GmbH the title. Now, there will be at least one KTM X-BOW GT4 that will fight to defend the title in what is the world’s strongest GT4 league. As was the case last season with the Felbermayr vehicle, it is again Reiter Engineering who will operate the car. Team boss Hans Reiter is optimistic that once again, the team can deliver a good season. "Last year, we saw that the KTM X-BOW GT4 is a strong competitor for the vehicles of the premium manufacturers, and in the end, we were able to take the title for KTM. I am convinced that we can do it again in 2020, and I already promise that we will do everything we can to ensure Reini and Florian are supported in the best possible way, both technically and organizationally. I also believe that with these two, we have a strong driver combination able to match any existing competition, both qualitatively and quantitatively.”

Two sponsor partners have played a big part this season in the realization of this project.  On the one hand, the German real estate developer RMN Ingolstadt, and on the other, the Austrian energy supplier EnergieDirect, are supporting Reinhard Kofler and Florian Janits, and the team in their ambitious project. To this is added True Racing, under which the team is registered for the ADAC GT4 Germany. KTM factory driver Reinhard Kofler underlines that without these partners, it would not have been possible to compete in the current season. "In my rather long career in motorsports, I've learned it is necessary to have a combination of the right partners in order to be successful. That is also the case for this project, and I very much look forward to a great and challenging season. The past weeks and months were not easy. Now it is high time that we are again racing. We have a good package, and the goal must certainly be that we fight for the title again!” His teammate Florian Janits agrees: "On the one hand, it is a really cool thing for me, as an Austrian, to have an Austrian team colleague, and be racing in an Austrian car. And on the other, I also believe that we have good possibilities to be up among the front runners. Naturally, the competition is very strong. But after the first test drive with the KTM X-BOW GT4, I am very thrilled about the potential of the car. Now it's up to Reini and me to make the best out of it, and above all, to deliver strong races to give something back to those who support us, like EnergieDirect or Storage24, because they make it possible for us to compete. The title should also stay with KTM, and that's what we'll be fighting for this year."