Adaptive Cruise Control is a relatively new feature for the motorcycle industry generally and, in contrast to some other brands, KTM include the tech as a standard on their KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S. Developed in close conjunction with Bosch, the system uses radar technology to regulate the distance to traffic ahead. Activated over 30kmph and in second gear and up to 150kmph once engaged, it will substantially reduce the effort needed by rider over large trips and in controlled conditions. The distance can be set in five stages: Very short, Short, Middle, Long and Very long and in both ‘comfort’ and ‘sport’ characteristics. The intelligence of the software adds special subtleties such as an ‘overtake assist’ (a short burst of acceleration to aid lane changes and passing) and cornering, as well as accommodating Quickshifter+ gear changes without deactivation. In fact, KTM’s ACC still works when the clutch is used. If the clutch is deployed for longer than 1.5 seconds then ACC disengages, the same as when the rider touches the brake or opens the gas.