DRESS up your naked


    Bring even more to the fight with AKRAPOVIČ "SLIP-ON LINE" products. Enhance your Duke’s sound and style while making significant weight savings thanks to utilizing high grade materials such as titanium and carbon fiber.

    For those looking for the next level of performance to make an even bigger impact on track, the ultimate naked upgrade is the AKRAPOVIČ KIT "EVOLUTION LINE". With more bark and more bite, these systems boast serious increases in power!


    Control the race

    Advanced material sciences, rigorous testing and unmistakable orange styling all come together to craft the ultimate KTM PowerParts for refining feel and control.

    Manufactured from high-strength aluminum, CNC-machined triple clamps give riders that pure race feeling, with improved stiffness and more precise handling in hard braking maneuvers.

    Be bold

    Your Duke is an extension of your attitude. Stand out from the pack and show you mean business by adding some eye-catching orange.

    These high-quality aluminum CNC components make a bold visual statement and stand the test of time, for both style and endurance as they feature a superior abrasion-resistant eloxal coating.



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    Prepare for anywhere

    Push the comfort zone

    Adventurers come in all shapes and sizes. The one thing that fits all is a passion to chase two wheeled excitement from one destination to the next, with each checkpoint fueling the desire to push further.

    KTM PowerParts make tailoring your KTM Adventure to your ambitions simple. With a wide selection of items to fine tune ergonomics, including windshields, lowering kits and seating options, varying in heights, from rally styled to heated - you can find that precise set up for your next journey.

    Expanding horizons

    Packing correctly for the route ahead starts with choosing the right luggage set up.

    The KTM PowerParts range boasts a vast selection of specially developed solutions for carrying your journey’s essentials, from tank bags to top cases, waterproof luggage bags to touring case sets - as well as everything required for simple and secure mounting.

    Globetrotting orchestra

    The sound of the beating heart of your KTM accompanied by a full throttle exhaust note is the perfect soundtrack to any overland adventure.

    The AKRAPOVIČ "SLIP-ON LINE" takes your adventure to the next level with the added benefit of weight saving thanks to high grade materials such as titanium and carbon fiber and style that takes its design from your rally heroes.

    Tangible Confidence

    Discovery feeds the excitement of adventure. The desire to see what is over the next hill, around the next bend or at the end of the road less traveled drives adventurers to go on.

    KTM PowerParts give you the confidence needed to keep pushing, even when you do not know what lies ahead. Robust aluminum skid plates, sturdy steel crash bar kits and reinforced handguards protect your adventure when the going gets tough.  


    Adventure Further

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