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  • KTM Adventure Rally

    By definition, ADVENTURE is an exciting, unusual or even bold undertaking.

    On a KTM ADVENTURE RALLY you will discover the true meaning of ADVENTURE and what it means to embrace the KTM spirit. Charging down epic dirt roads, powering through unchartered forests, conquering extreme riding territory and sharing it all with like minded riders.




    From the moment you arrive the ADVENTURE has begun. Non-stop action, insane outrides, diverse terrain, discovering new limits and all packed into 1 ADVENTURE, the ultimate ADVENTURE - the KTM ADVENTURE RALLY.



    Wherever your ultimate ADVENTURE lies, the KTM ADVENTURE RALLY is coming for you. 8 Rallys, 8 different places: Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, USA, Latin America and China. 8 diverse tests of character and skill.



    Everything 100%. 100% pure ADVENTURE. 100% KTM spirit. 100% for you and a 100% unforgettable experience.

    2024 USA


    The 19th Annual KTM ADVENTURE RIDER RALLY is heading to historic Deadwood, South Dakota for the 2024 edition, marking another exceptional chance for KTM orange bleeders to connect and discover the true meaning of ADVENTURE

    2024 colombia

    Registration open July 1st , 2024

    For the first time in history, the KTM ADVENTURE RALLY arrives in Latin America, offering KTM riders and owners the opportunity to explore Colombia's most challenging terrains, discover new routes, push their limits, and test their bikes and skills to the maximum, all while traversing some of the country's most stunning landscapes.

    2024 CANADA

    sold out

    The 6th Annual KTM Adventure Rally is heading to Calabogie, Ontario July 4-6th, 2024.  This marks the inaugural occurrence of the event in Ontario. Calabogie, in the expansive Madawaska region is celebrated for its richly varied terrain that’s perfect for Adventure riding and putting your motorcycle and navigational skills to the test. This locale is a haven for powersports enthusiasts, offering a perfect backdrop for off-road and on-road motorcycling, snowmobiling, ATV adventures, and aquatic pursuits.

    2024 AUSTRALIA


    The KTM AUSTRALIA ADVENTURE RALLYE will be exploring an all-new region for the 2024 edition, exploring the Sapphire Coast of New South Wales from November 3rd – 8th.  This exclusive five-day motorcycle adventure ride focuses on offering riders an inspiring adventure full of outstanding riding, unrivalled comradery and long-lasting memories.

    2024 PORTUGAL


    For the 2024 edition, 250 riders will enjoy the historic town of Lagos, highlighted by a rich maritime heritage, while being surrounded by stunning cliffs and beautiful beaches. It speaks volumes to the spirit of adventure, while the Algarve region offers diverse landscapes, from rocky cliffs and grottoes to rolling hills and lush countryside.  Between the coast and the countryside, including special stages nearby the Portimao circuit, each variable will elevate the experience and captivate memories made throughout the journey.

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