Faultless Teichmann Racing performance rewarded with class victory and overall twelfth place

  • Overall twelfth place and CUPX class victory for Teichmann Racing
  • Debut for YouTube star Felix von der Laden at the wheel of the KTM X-BOW GTX
  • CCS Racing and Razoon Racing participate in the GTC Race at the Lausitzring

Teichmann Racing made an impressive return from the summer break to the Nürburgring Endurance Series. The Nordschleife 6-hour race saw the KTM team delivering top results, not only with the X-BOW GTX but also with the X-BOW GT4. CCS Racing and Razoon Racing scored points in the GTC Race at the Lausitzring.

Teichmann Racing’s track record speaks for itself: in the last four races of the highly competitive championship, the racing squad achieved the jump into the top 15 of the standings. Felix von der Laden was one of those involved in the recent success, having celebrated his racing debut in the KTM X-BOW GTX. “I was really excited before my first appearance in the KTM X-BOW GTX. Basically, it’s the fastest car in the field after the GT3s,” the YouTube star admits. “It was definitely a lot of fun ploughing through the traffic and leaving one or two GT3 cars behind us. Twelfth place is a fantastic result!”

Together with Daniel Bohr, Timo Mölig and Reinhard Kofler, von der Laden started in a car with a special design. Running under the motto “Shark alarm on the Nürburgring,” the Adenau squad painted shark teeth on the front of the X-BOW – an initiative resulting from the cooperation between the KTM Customer Team and the ice hockey club “Kölner Haie” (Cologne Sharks).

The #930 KTM X-BOW GT4’s race also ended successfully with second in the CUPX class. However, it meant quite a lot of hard work for Georg Griesemann, Maik Rönnefarth, Yves Volte and Tim Sandtler, before they could get to cheer. A barrier hit during Saturday morning’s qualifying cost valuable time and made the four KTM drivers finish the session in 87th place. The fact that the quartet moved up as far as 24th overall in the six-hour race was down to their faultless drive.

Karl Heinz Teichmann, Stephan Brodmerkel, Michael Mönch and Tamino Bergmeier were less lucky. For the four #927 KTM X-BOW GT4 drivers, the seventh round ended in the first third of the race due to manifold damage. “There was a fire. We can’t be sure this wasn’t the result of damage from a collision, so we must analyse it first,” the team stated.

CCS Racing and Razoon Racing were driving on the same weekend, but on another racetrack. While the CCS Racing crew from Bavarian Cham secured sixth in the first sprint race and eighth in the Goodyear 60 with the X-BOW GTX, Razoon Racing (KTM X-BOW GT4) came up trumps with a third place in the GTC Race’s second sprint.