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    Race-bred performance

  • KTM RC RANGE 2022

    A completely new generation of KTM RC is lining up on the starting grid. With new styling based on KTM’s MotoGP™ machines, an all-new chassis with improved ergonomics, and all new electronics, the 2022 KTM RC range is truly READY TO RACE. 


    A new frame, subframe and lightweight wheels and tires combined with all-new styling enforce the effort that has gone into the development of the new generation RC range. With a focus on weight saving, the KTM RC range is lighter, stiffer and more READY TO RACE than ever before.


    A new ultra-lightweight trellis frame features a newly engineered bolt-on subframe, providing unmatched stability and control, while saving 1.5 kg compared to the previous generation model. The new frame also steps up overall stiffness, providing improved rider feedback and compliance when pushing the limit on twisty mountain roads or at the local track. 

    WHEELS and tires

    New lightweight wheels save the KTM RC range 3.4 kg of unsprung weight, but also provide a fuller, more READY TO RACE stance thanks to a 110/70-17 front tire and 150/60-17 rear.


    The later you brake, the faster you are. Lightweight ByBre 4-piston-fixed caliper grabbing a lightweight 320 mm disk up front and a 230 mm on the rear, means the 2022 KTM RC range stops as quickly as it gets off the line. The enormous potential of the brakes can be further thanks to race-tuned ABS technology.


    Designed to provide riders with a race-inspired riding position that is comfortable enough to ride all day, the KTM RC range takes the lead in the sporty commuter race. Being as narrow as possible but allowing for maximum contact between the rider and the machine, the new KTM RC range is specifically developed to allow for optimum rider control. 


    The all-new, more comfortable seat focused on active riding dynamics and ensures all-day riding comfort and supreme rider control.


    Keeping you firmly planted in the corners are a set of lighter, geometrically optimized footpegs specifically designed for spirited riding on street and track, while the passenger footpegs have been redesigned to save weight and improve passenger comfort. 


    Both the KTM RC 390 and KTM RC 125 put you in complete control thanks to lightweight, adjustable aluminum handlebars equipped with an adjustable clutch and brake lever to get the pressure points and reach exactly where you want them. 


    A new pillion seat with a thicker foam construction and a new, non-slip surface provides improved all-weather passenger comfort, while improved and more ergonomically shaped passenger hand grips give pillions more sense of control. 


    Completely redesigned from front fender to tailpiece, the 2022 KTM RC range boasts completely redesigned, sharper MotoGP™ inspired bodywork which looks as at home on the street as it does on the racetrack.  


    Not only visually striking, the bodywork is designed to be functional, providing high-performance wind protection at higher speeds, while maintaining high levels of weather protection thanks to Computational Flow Dynamics simulations. These body panels are also easier to remove thanks to fewer fastening screws.  


    A new, larger 13.7 liter fuel tank with an electronic cover is inspired by the KTM Moto3™ race bike, and provides the best-in-class fuel capacity. The tank is also designed to be more comfortable for riders, meaning you can go further, faster, for longer.


    The KTM RC range takes its lead from the track, proudly showcasing an all-new color and graphics collection, featuring two vibrant colorways which further underline its READY TO RACE credentials.


    Setting the benchmark for the small displacement Supersport segment, the 2022 KTM RC range boasts a high level of rider aids and advanced technology usually only seen on bigger and more expensive superbikes.  


    An all-new LED headlight illuminates the way forward. Providing a very wide beam, complete with daylight running lights, guarantees optimum visibility and a distinctive look that matches the rest of the KTM model range. A sharp LED taillight completes the look. 


    An all-new TFT dashboard lets you see all the important information you need at glance or allows you to customize what you want to see. Alternatively, connect your smartphone via KTM MY RIDE and have access to your music library and handle any incoming calls without taking your hands off the grips. The ambient light adaptive TFT display also means you maintain perfect visibility, day or night.  


    The 2022 KTM RC range can let it all hang out, thanks to SUPERMOTO ABS. This mode allows the rider more freedom when it comes to hard braking, without compromising on safety. 

    This is done by deactivated ABS functionality on the rear wheel which allows the rider to slide the rear into a corner. At the same time, rear wheel lift up detection is also disabled allowing the rear wheel to lift up, but keeping brake pressure on the front until an excessive front wheel slip is detected, at which point ABS will intervene. This also means the rider can apply more brake pressure when cornering or trail braking.


    Boasting state-of-the-art, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder four-stroke engines with twin overhead camshafts, the KTM RC range charges into pole position with class-leading performance, punchy drive out of corners and an impressive pull all the way to the redline. 

    Stainless steel headers with an aluminum muffler not only look the part, but gives the KTM RC range a distinct, throaty rumble as it charges through the gears and onto the redline.