With 3-3 results at the Ironman National, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Aaron Plessinger has secured third overall in the 450MX class at the penultimate round of the 2022 AMA Pro Motocross Championship. Ryan Dungey was in the mix alongside his teammate Plessinger throughout the day, coming close to capturing his first podium of the season with 4-7 finishes in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Plessinger’s midwestern roots played to his advantage as he felt right at home on the rough and rutted Ironman Raceway terrain. Starting seventh in Moto 1, he spent most of the race fighting through the field and his persistence paid off as he entered into podium contention with about four laps to go. Overtaking his teammate Dungey late in the race, Plessinger held strong to finish third.

He once again battled with Dungey in the second moto, eventually making his way around the veteran halfway through for a clear shot at the podium later in the race. Rounding out the day with 3-3 scores, Plessinger captured his second podium finish of the season at the 11th round.

Aaron Plessinger: “That one didn’t come easy! I was really happy with how I was riding in the first moto but I think I kind of overdid it and going into the second moto I was a little smoked. I knew it was going to be tough but I had some good lines and jumped on the opportunity to make it happen. I really gel with this place; I’ve been coming here for years and it’s close to home so a lot of fans and family come up here and it fires me up. It’s been a tough year but we’re back on the podium baby!”

Battling head-to-head with Plessinger in the first moto, Dungey actually held the upper hand for most of the race. He passed into third with five laps to go and he was on-track for a podium finish until his teammate, Plessinger, dropped the hammer to overtake third with two laps to go.

The duo started off the second moto much like the first, with Dungey leading Plessinger in fourth for the first half of racing. He got shuffled back to seventh midway through, ultimately finishing out the moto in seventh. With 4-7 moto scores, Dungey came away with sixth overall.

Ryan Dungey: “The day was pretty good. We got the bike set up good during practice and I think that was the most important thing going into the motos. The bike performed really well in both motos and starts were good, so I was happy with where we were at. I really just tried to push it as hard as I could, for as long as I could, and the guys just had a little more than me today. Sometimes you have to accept that; it’s tough but we’ll rest up good this week and try to finish strong at Pala.”

In the 250MX class, Max Vohland put forth a strong performance at Ironman despite coming away with 7-7 finishes on the day. The NorCal native was on a mission from the start of Moto 1 as he charged into second early on and set himself up to apply pressure on the race leader. He attacked from behind for the first six laps, making a sharp attempt at the lead before a small mistake cost him a few spots. Battling  through a bout of arm-pump midway through, Vohland ultimately finished seventh.

In the second moto, Vohland once again mixed it up inside the top-five early in the race. He eventually settled into the seventh spot, bringing it in for seventh in the race and seventh overall for the day.

Max Vohland: “I got a really good start in the first moto and got really close to getting into the lead at one point, which was really cool. About five laps in, my arms started pumping up a little bit – maybe it’s from riding up front and just being tight and not having been up there all year – so I ended up going back to seventh. Second moto, I had a little mistake first lap and a couple guys got me and I just stayed seventh all race. I was consistent today with 7-7 finishes but I definitely want to get on that podium and we’ve got one more week to do it. I’m going to give it everything I’ve got.”

The 2022 AMA Pro Motocross Championship concludes next Saturday, September 3 with the Fox Raceway II National in Pala, California.

Results 450MX Class – Ironman National

1. Chase Sexton (USA), Honda, 2-1

2. Eli Tomac (USA), Yamaha, 1-2

3. Aaron Plessinger (USA), KTM, 3-3


6. Ryan Dungey (USA), KTM, 4-7

9. Fredrik Noren (SWE), KTM

17. Benny Bloss (USA), KTM

18. Henry Miller (USA), KTM

24. Kevin Moranz (USA), KTM

25. Tristan Lane (USA), KTM

29. Bryce Backaus (USA), KTM

32. Jeffrey Walker (USA), KTM

33. Nathen LaPorte (USA), KTM

42. Dawson Draycott (USA), KTM


Results 250MX Class – Ironman National

1. Jett Lawrence (AUS), Honda, 1-3

2. Jo Shimoda (JAP), Kawasaki, 5-1

3. Hunter Lawrence (AUS), Honda, 3-2


7. Max Vohland (USA), KTM, 7-7

16. Derek Kelley (USA), KTM

17. Joshua Varize (USA), KTM

25. Marcus Phelps (ZAF), KTM

30. Tyson Johnson (USA), KTM

33. Lane Shaw (USA), KTM

35. Christopher Prebula (USA), KTM

40. Max Miller (USA), KTM

41. Bryson Raymond (USA), KTM


Standings 450MX Class 2022 after 11 of 12 rounds

1. Eli Tomac, 496 points

2. Chase Sexton, 495

3. Jason Anderson, 402


6. Ryan Dungey, 332

7. Aaron Plessinger, 294

13. Benny Bloss, 144

14. Fredrik Noren, 122

16. Antonio Cairoli, 97

25. Henry Miller, 34

31. Tristan Lane, 14

38. Jeffrey Walker, 3


Standings 250MX Class 2022 after 11 of 12 rounds

1. Jett Lawrence, 478 points

2. Jo Shimoda, 437

3. Hunter Lawrence, 430


6. Max Vohland, 279

13. Derek Kelley, 139

16. Joshua Varize, 131

27. Christopher Prebula, 25

32. Max Miller, 13

43. Marcus Phelps, 4