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    Arriving here means only one thing: you want to go even further. Orange is a bright color, and it signifies a bright future. Why? KTM is not only the biggest and most dynamic motorcycle brand in Europe but has fast expanding roots throughout important global markets.

    Our innovative, diverse and stirring range of motorcycles and raises the pulse of riders new and returning; when clients stand before you and can visualize the turn of the throttle then the sale is half done. You are the essential link in connecting the customer’s eagerness and their eventual experience. Unite the orange family.


    We race to win.

    We race so everyone can win: our engineers, our partners, our customers, our fans, our dealers. READY TO RACE is a motto and mantra for KTM. It defines our passion for advanced technology by harnessing the spirit and the extremes of competition.

    Through eighty years of history, we have maintained a desire to excel, and to prove ourselves and our work for your benefit. The KTM brand and the promise of a thrilling motorcycling sensation – whatever the terrain - will always provoke a reaction. This is where you come in. Harnessing the curiosity, the initial flickers of emotion and explaining how a KTM will change a rider’s life is a fundamental first point of contact. Wave the flag for us and help inject some powerful orange into another biker’s adrenaline.

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