WALTON, Ont. – The KTM Red Bull THOR Factory Race Team returned to Walton Raceway for the second-straight weekend to complete Round 3 of the 2020 Triple Crown Series and while the location was identical to the previous round, there weren’t many similarities when it came to the track as heavy rain overtook the grounds to create a mixed bag of conditions for Sunday’s pro class motos. Despite the added challenge, championship points leader Jess Pettis scored a consistent pair of 2-2 finishes in the 250 Pro class to extend his lead by another six points as the series crosses the halfway point.

With only a two-moto format on Sunday, the second rendition of the Walton National showcased a muddy mess to kick off the day’s racing. In Moto 1, Pettis didn’t get the best start as he came from almost dead last to round the opening lap in 14th. He navigated the muddy conditions and lapped traffic to break into the top-five around the halfway point and he kept charging into a podium position with about five laps to go. He maintained his composure in the final laps to ultimately secure a second-place finish.

As the 250 Pro class lined up for Moto 2, the sun came out in full force to dry up the track just enough to create a sticky clay-like substance with deep ruts throughout. Pettis once again struggled off the start but he worked his way into second on the opening lap. He moved into the lead for a few laps early on but a small tip over sent him back to second-place. With the overall championship in mind, Pettis settled into a comfortable pace to finish out the moto with a consistent second-place finish.

Jean-Sebastien Roy, KTM Red Bull Thor Factory Team Manager“Overall, it was a great weekend. Jess rode with a championship mindset and stayed consistent on the worst of the track’s conditions. It was very difficult to ride in so I’m happy for Jess to go 2-2 and extend his lead in the championship.”

Jess Pettis, KTM Red Bull Thor Factory 250 Rider: “The weather wasn’t on our side for race day but the conditions were the same for everybody and we gave it our best effort to stay consistent in both motos. For the most part, I was able to keep it on two wheels and not have any major problems. I had one little tip over in Moto 2 but in conditions like that it’s hard not to make mistakes. I’m excited to extend my points lead going into this two-week break – it will be nice to recover and come back ready to keep fighting for the championship!”

His 450 Pro class teammate, Cole Thompson, made the decision to sit out of Round 3 as he continues to battle some health issues. Thompson hopes to return to racing at the next round.

WMX Class – KTM-Supported racer, Eve Brodeur, battled her way to a season-best 21st overall in the 250 Pro class after scoring 24-16 finishes in the two-moto format. Brodeur also continues to hold the WMX Championship lead with an undefeated season thus far.

Orange Brigade – KTM Orange Brigade’s Jacob Piccolo took another step toward earning a top-10 overall in the 250 Pro class as he scored his best moto-finish of the season with sixth-place in Moto 1. Followed up by a 19th in Moto 2, Piccolo managed a 12th overall for the day despite tough conditions.

The 2020 TransCan GNC amateur national took place throughout last week with the final motos culminating on Saturday. KTM Orange Brigade rider Sebastien Racine had a clean 1-1-1 sweep across the 450 JR, Open Junior and 250 JR classes with a dominant performance all week long. 


Next Race: August 28/29 – Ottawa, ON


250 Pro Results – Walton 2

1. Tanner Ward, Honda (1-3)

2. Jess Pettis, KTM (2-2)

3. Marshal Weltin, Kawasaki (8-1)


5. Jeremy Mckie, KTM

12. Jacob Piccolo, KTM

17. Quinn Amyotte, KTM

19. Duncan Macleod, KTM

20. Jordan Lebel, KTM

21. Eve Brodeur, KTM

23. Trevor Hale, KTM

24. Joshua McGinnis, KTM

32. Brett Husak, KTM


450 Pro Results – Walton 2

1. Phil Nicoletti, Yamaha (1-2)

2. Dylan Wright, Honda (4-1)

3. Shawn Maffenbeier, Yamaha (2-3)


7. Bobby Piazza, KTM

9. Liam O’Farrell, KTM

19. Max Filipek, KTM

20. Cole Wilson, KTM

25. Blair Nauta, KTM

27. Danny Garey, KTM

32. Eric Jeffrey, KTM


250 Pro Series Points – Round 3 of 5 

1. Jess Pettis – 191 points (2 wins)

2. Marshal Weltin – 169 points (1 win)

3. Tanner Ward – 157 points 


7. Jeremy Mckie – 107 points 

9. Quinn Amyotte – 68 points 

11. Jacob Piccolo – 57 points

21. Duncan Macleod – 18 points 


450 Pro Series Points – Round 3 of 5

1. Dylan Wright – 193 points

2. Phil Nicoletti – 171 points

3. Matt Goerke – 153 points


8. Liam O’Farrell – 98 points

12. Cole Thompson – 53 points

16. Blair Nauta – 31 points

21. Max Filipek – 18 points


Photos provided by James Lissimore