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    WALTON, ON – The KTM Canada Red Bull THOR Race Team riders Jess Pettis and Cole Thompson wrapped up the MX Tour portion of the 2021 Triple Crown Series in Walton and despite having his rookie season championship run end, it was a show of strength for Pettis and the team. KTM supported rider Jacob Piccolo raced well under pressure and clinched the 250 Pro Class Championship. Jacob fought valiantly to pick up those tough moto wins when it mattered most this season and is coming home with his first ever Pro championship. Jacob adds his name alongside the list of riders to win the 250 Pro Class Championship aboard a KTM 250 SX-F like Jess Pettis, Kaven Benoit & Cole Thompson.

    Jacob Piccolo, KTM Supported 250 Rider: “I’m super stoked to get the 250 Pro Championship this year. A lot of hard work in the off-season put into this and it feels good for it to all pay off. I had a great bike this year and the points were close all season long so it was a tough battle but it was a good season. Thank you to Al Dyck / SKY Racing who have been part of this program as well.”

    Lining up in Moto 1, Pettis secured a top-three position off the start. He settled into a comfortable fifth early on and despite racing through injury, Pettis dug deep to salvage fifth and took home the second overall position in points in his rookie season in the 450 Pro class. In Moto 1, it was Thompson who jetted off the line to capture the holeshot aboard his KTM 450 SX-F FACTORY EDITION led the first three laps of the race. He got passed early on but continued to fight all the way to the checkers, finishing a close second in the first moto.

    Pettis, on a whim, decided to line up again for Moto 2 where he had a favorable second place start. He decided not to push the envelope as he settled into a fifth-place position for the rest of the race, coming away with fifth overall on the day. With that, Pettis was able to maintain second-place in the MX Tour Championship with three overall-wins in 2021.

    Jess Pettis, KTM Canada Red Bull THOR Race Team 450 Rider: “This last round at Walton was a lot of unexpected for me. With my hard crash and injuries from the previous round, I was unsure if I could ride but I was able to salvage 5-5 on the day and second in the championship. It was a dig-deep kind of day and I’m sure my body will be very sore but I’m happy with the decision. Massive thanks to my team and everyone for working so hard all season long for me."

    It was Thompson who jetted off the line in Moto 1 to capture the holeshot aboard his KTM 450 SX-F FACTORY EDITION and he led the first three laps of the race. He got passed early on but continued to fight all the way to the checkers, finishing a close second in the first moto. In Moto 2, Thompson got off to a fifth place start and immediately worked his way into second by lap four. He made an early charge toward the lead battle, but he was in a race of his own to finish second in the moto and second overall for the day.

    Cole Thompson, KTM Canada Red Bull THOR Race Team 450 Rider: “It was good to finish the season with a podium, especially after struggling so much the previous race. The bike was amazing and I felt really comfortable with the track, so now it’s time to start my preparation to defend my SX championship in two weeks.”

    Jean-Sebastien Roy, KTM Canada Red Bull THOR Race Team Manager: “It was an amazing weekend for us at KTM! We expected Cole to do well at Walton and he was up to the challenge, he rode amazingly strong to finish the season on a positive note with a second place. It was a heck of a turnaround for Jess, the original plan was to have him sign autographs and hang out for the last round of the Canadian Amateur Nationals, but he ended up going on the line for the first moto and the rest is history. We weren’t expecting it, but it was a great ending to the season for him. KTM Supported rider Jacob Piccolo rode amazing under tremendous pressure and was able to walk away with a 250 Pro Championship. It’s a huge accomplishment for him and his team, congratulations to Jacob for getting it done! ”

    WMX Class – KTM Supported racer Eve Brodeur concluded the series with a perfect season, claiming the Thor WMX Championship in a dominant fashion. She was joined atop the podium at Walton by KTM riders Sarah-Kim Villeneuve in second and Malia Garant in third for an all-orange podium sweep once again.

    WALTON Amateur TransCan – KTM Supported racer & Orange Brigade rider Sebastien Racine also took the 250 Intermediate & Schoolboy 2 Championship at the Walton Amateur TransCan during the week of amateur racing leading up to the Pro National.

    To view Full KTM Press Releases, please visit the KTM Press Center.

    Next Race: SX Tour Round 1 – August 28 – Courtland, Ontario 


    450 Pro Results – Walton Two

    1. Dylan Wright, Honda, 1-1

    2. Cole Thompson, KTM, 2-2

    3. Marshal Weltin, Kawasaki, 4-3

    4. Tyler Medaglia, GASGAS, 3-4

    5. Jess Pettis, KTM, 5-5


    6. Liam O’Farrell, KTM

    10. Taylor Ciampichini, KTM

    11. Anthony Spadaccini, KTM


    250 Pro Results – Walton Two

    1. Darian Sanayei, Kawasaki, 3-1

    2. Jacob Piccolo, KTM, 2-3

    3. Ryder McNabb, Honda, 4-2


    9. Sebastien Racine, KTM


    450 Pro Championship (MX Tour 2021)

    1. Dylan Wright, 342 points

    2. Jess Pettis, 303

    3. Marshal Weltin, 303

    4. Cole Thompson, 282


    6. Liam O’Farrell, 192

    9. Tim Tremblay, 157


    250 Pro Championship (MX Tour 2021)

    1. Jacob Piccolo, 312 points

    2. Darian Sanayei, 308

    3. Ryder McNabb, 307


    Photos provided by James Lissimore



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    OTTAWA, ON – KTM Canada Red Bull THOR Race Team’s Jess Pettis returned to the top of the podium on Sunday with his second overall victory of the season at Sand Del Lee. Teammate Cole Thompson battled up front in both motos to secure a steady fourth overall with a 4-4 finish on the day.

    In Moto 1, Pettis immediately put on the charge to secure the holeshot and early lead aboard his KTM 450 SX-F FACTORY EDITION. He maintained a good pace out front for the first 13 laps before he was joined by another rider for the lead battle late in the race. Pettis was eventually overtaken for the lead with four laps to go and he finished strong in second. Thompson, who battled inside the top-three for the first half of the race, finished just off the podium in fourth. 

    In Moto 2, Pettis once again commanded the lead with a powerful holeshot and the 450 Class rookie sustained a pace that couldn’t be matched throughout the 18-lap race. Leading from start to finish, Pettis capped off the day with his fourth moto-win of the season on the way to claiming the overall victory at Round 5. 

    Jess Pettis, KTM Canada Red Bull THOR Race Team 450 Rider: “I’m really happy with this weekend at Sand Del Lee. I was able to grab both holeshots and get 2-1 moto results for first overall. I’ll continue to work hard and fight for this championship until the very end.” 

    Thompson started just outside the top-five in Moto 2 and he put his head down to charge up to third halfway through the race. He fought hard in the final laps to ultimately come away with a fourth-place finish in the second moto and fourth overall on the day.

    Cole Thompson, KTM Canada Red Bull THOR Race Team 450 Rider: “Tough race again this weekend missing out on the podium. I’m working hard to get things turned around during the week, it just hasn’t all clicked yet at the races. Massive thank you to the entire team for all their efforts and good job to my teammate on getting the win.” 

    Jean-Sebastien Roy, KTM Canada Red Bull THOR Race Team Manager“Another great weekend for our team, Jess won the overall of the day with a tie finish and KTM supported rider Jacob Piccolo finished a strong second place and is now sitting on top of the list for the championship where he is tied for first place. Another KTM supported rider, Sebastien Racine, began his Pro debut in the 250 Pro class and finished both motos in 5th place.”

    WMX Class – It was a KTM podium-sweep in the THOR WMX division at Sand Del Lee, with KTM Supported racer Eve Brodeur at the helm with another 1-1 victory. KTM rider Sarah-Kim Villeneuve finished strong in second with 2-2 moto scores, and Malia Garant rounded out the podium with 3-3 finishes aboard her KTM. 

    Orange Brigade – KTM Orange Brigade rider Jacob Piccolo put forth a consistent ride in the 250 Pro class, claiming a pair of 3-2 podium finishes to secure second overall on the day. After five rounds, Piccolo continues to fight for the championship as he sits tied for the top spot.

    To view Full KTM Press Releases, please visit the KTM Press Center

    To see the complete schedule for the 2021 Triple Crown Series,  Click Here.

    Next Race: August 1/2 – Deschambault, Quebec  


    450 Pro Results – Sand Del Lee

    1. Jess Pettis, KTM (2-1) 

    2. Dylan Wright, Honda (1-2)

    3. Marshal Weltin, Kawasaki (3-3) 

    4. Cole Thompson, KTM (4-4)


    6. Tim Tremblay, KTM

    7. Liam O’Farrell, KTM 


    250 Pro Results – Sand Del Lee

    1. Ryder McNabb, Honda (2-1) 

    2. Jacob Piccolo, KTM (3-2)

    3. Darian Sanayei, Kawasaki (4-3) 


    5. Sebastien Racine, KTM (5-5) 


    450 Pro Championship Standings – After 5 Rounds

    1. Jess Pettis, 206 points 

    2. Dylan Wright, 205

    3. Marshal Weltin, 178 

    4. Cole Thompson, 171


    6. Tim Tremblay, 129

    9. Liam O’Farrell, 111 


    250 Pro Championship Standings – After 5 Rounds

    1. Ryder McNabb, 186 points 

    2. Jacob Piccolo, 186

    3. Tanner Ward, 179 


    Photos provided by James Lissimore

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