• 2024 KTM Travel Range


  • There’s a moment on every journey when you are faced with a decision - continue down the path of least resistance or charge off into the unknown and let the adventure really begin. For KTM Adventure riders there's really only one choice - the more daring option! Join us for an epic journey as we reveal all our latest ADVENTURE models - stage by stage. 


    Confidently work your way through a rugged rocky section, then let her rip at eye-watering speeds on the open plane. The KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R is the apex predator out in the wild, devouring mile after mile of diverse terrain. There simply is no other like it when it comes to full throttle offroad adventure.


    With 160 hp (138 Nm torque) at its disposal, the KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R powers through anything that stands in its way. Combined with highly capable WP XPLOR suspension and the most innovative technology, this well-balanced big hitter offers limitless high-powered adventure across wide expanses of rugged terrain.

    The KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S is the fastest way to cover large amounts of ground without compromising comfort or composure. Whether you’re charging off to distant horizons or smashing out laps on a beaten up, abandoned racetrack, this insanely powerful traveler is sure to raise the thrill level as you attack the road in front of you.


    With Its 160 hp V-Twin engine, sure-footed handling and class-leading technology, this sporty all-rounder is the ultimate high-performance adventure package. While perfectly capable of attacking long stretches of gravel, its asphalt-specific attributes embolden the notion that many thrilling adventures also take place without the rider or motorcycle ever leaving tarmac.

    The KTM 890 ADVENTURE R is the ultimate offroad-focused travel bike for those more adventurous shortcuts. While there may be a perfectly groomed dirt road to your far-off destination, this nimble mid-weight machine urges you to jump into the unknown and enjoy the ride on a more extreme path. 


    The updated KTM 890 ADVENTURE R proves that the destination comes second. With its unmatched ability to dispatch everything from highways to rocky gravel switchbacks, to single goat tracks, the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R boasts serious travel capabilities. Thanks to incredibly responsive powerplant, pin-sharp offroad handling, and all-day comfort, its all about the journey.

    It’s the unpredictability in adventure that makes it so appealing. Sometimes you are forced to leave your comfort zone, to take a different path and head blindly into the unknown. This is often where the best stories unfold, and the most memorable rides happen. The KTM 890 ADVENTURE thrives in these moments, rising to the challenge when the journey gets wilder.


    This is the most offroad-capable Travel bike. A serious all-terrain machine for hardcore long-distance travelers who demand a capable, lightweight, and versatile adventure motorcycle. It’s packed with innovative features that give it real-world street credentials, while its new rally inspired styling confirms that it is also more than capable of powering on when the paved road ends.

    Has the thought of doing chores all weekend got you feeling down? Grab the keys to your KTM 790 ADVENTURE and dare to take aim at the nearest dirt road to anywhere. This compact all-terrain travel motorcycle has its essence in offroad performance, meaning you have all you need for serious adventure fun just around the corner, or in more challenging terrain halfway across the globe.


    The KTM 790 ADVENTURE is an ultra-agile, offroad-capable machine for spirited young-at-heart travelers looking to access more extreme adventures. It is ideal for those wanting to step into KTM’s exciting world of twin cylinder exploration with a refined 95 hp, 799 cc engine. Its low seat height and center of gravity is confidence-inspiring, whether you’re making your way through more technical terrain or blasting along a wide-open dirt road.

    Routines are only boring if you allow them to be. Choose to live more adventurously with the new KTM 390 ADVENTURE. Its spoked wheels open up a whole range of new possibilities and allow you to take the longer, more exciting way home. So, drop a gear, charge off into the dirt and add some adrenalin to your daily commute.


    With the proven credentials of the KTM ADVENTURE range, the KTM 390 ADVENTURE has long-distance comfort, versatile ergonomics, smooth power delivery and innovative, class-leading technology. It is a lightweight, agile, travel-oriented motorcycle, built to face the challenges of everyday adventure. Now with tougher spoked wheels, it is ready for even more challenging terrain.


    On a KTM ADVENTURE RALLY you will discover the true meaning of ADVENTURE. It’s an opportunity to embrace the KTM spirit and take on more daring trails. Charge down epic dirt roads, power through unchartered forests, conquer extreme riding territory, and share it all with like-minded riders. Discover more about KTM ADVENTURE rallies