The KTM brand is enjoying increasing popularity in US motorsport. The latest addition to the Austrian manufacturer’s ranks is Sigier Motorsport, which specialises in managing and deploying KTM X-BOW programmes. Team principal Simon Sigier has good reasons for focusing his company’s attentions on KTM.

“The KTM X-BOW GTX is undoubtedly one of the best racing cars on the market,” Sigier says. “I have a huge amount of passion for it. I worked with the X-BOW for the first time in 2017 in the GT World Challenge – with the GT4 version to be precise. Even then, many of the car’s characteristics just blew me away, including the engine sound, the reliability and the simple handling.”

It’s no accident, then, that Simon Sigier and his team of seven employees at the company’s headquarters in Henderson, Nevada, spend most of their time with KTM vehicles. “We’re not just a racing team,” the founder says. “We are also operating as a service centre and develop parts for endurance racing. The KTM X-BOW is at the centre of our attentions. At the moment we are managing six GTX models and also GT2 versions.”

The new KTM customer team is currently testing the cars extensively to prepare as best they can for the upcoming season. “We have already learned a huge amount,” Sigier adds. “It’s all about perfection, especially when it comes to set-up. After all, we don’t want to leave anything to chance. We want to be up there fighting for wins and titles.”

The title in question is the NASA Western Endurance Championship, which takes in a number of endurance races in California and Utah. The Nevada-based team will also be running an entry in the MPG Series, which was previously known as the GT Celebration, starting with round one at Spring Mountain from 21 to 23 April.