• Capture the look and feel the speed with the KINI Lifestyle range


    When Heinz Kinigadner strapped a can of Red Bull under his rally bike from Paris to Peking in 1995 and gassed his way across the continents, the former Motocross World Champion ‘gave wings’ to a magical link between the brand, KTM and an Austrian racing legacy. Bridging sports and strong initiatives like the Wings for Life foundation, the ‘KINI’ name lives, on and is an emblem for ‘cool’, bikes and passion for all-out speed. The KINI Lifestyle range is a high-quality and dedicated collection that complements a range of functional wares for riders, racers and those with an active right throttle hand!

    Created by an icon, made by the best: wear the KINI Lifestyle range

    KINI, KTM, Red Bull, blue and an unmistakable look. These two high-class caps with embroidered logos and a universal fit will be at home in a circuit paddock, down the park or simply walking the street. Get them looking like a champ early on.

    This stitched, premium headware will have any junior rider or fan carrying the style of a paddock insider. The cap can be easily adjusted to fit all head sizes, even those junior bikers that know they are faster than the rest! 


    When you want to look cool but keep warm then two KINI hoodies are a tempting choice for winter and spring temperatures. The KINI design can be worn on the chest or the back and with dark blue or battleship grey shades. Elasticated cuff and a front hand pouch are dependable hoodie features and the construction of these garments will not disappoint. 

    Can anybody pull off the hoodie style quite like an eager kid?! KINI aesthetics makes this dark colored garment even cooler and they certainly won’t go cold thanks to the strong, thick cotton material and lasting fabric.


    KINI t-shirts carry three distinctive themes with a retro ‘California’ sun motif, the KINI logo and crown design as well the ‘Dirt Legends’ checkered flag re-work. Chest, shoulder and back artwork apply to some of the models which are also available in all adult sizes and in grey, blue and white. Count on a high denier of cotton and superb quality and print. 

    Parent and kids can get onboard with the KINI ‘sunset’ look or show off the ‘Dirt Legends’ design with these two t-shirt choices. Expect the same quality and decent fit as the adult version. 

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