The AFC/Bay Motorcycles Adventure Rallye Spring Break 2022!

The spring break Rallye was spread over 4 days or riding and almost 1700km’s in all different types of riding conditions. Starting in Hastings at Bay Motorcycles the riders were treated to a great start of the Rallye, great weather and perfect riding conditions as the first day was a loop day which brought the riders back to Hastings. The highlight for the riders was the river crossing which was traversed by Tractor and trailer.


Day 2 saw the riders work their way down to Masterton, with two breakout routes along the way. Overcoming some early rain creating some perfect riding conditions, up grassy hill climbs, single track stock paths and down into small creek crossings for a true Rallye Adventure.

Day 3 was another loop day back in Masterton, and the longest day of the Rallye, which had some challenges along the way keeping sweep riders busy with some front punctures and the odd bike running low on fuel. Despite all this, riders were treated to some of the most picturesque spots of the Rallye, climbing up into the hills and dropping down to the coastline for amazing views of the east coast.


The fourth and final day started off overcast before the rain came in the afternoon and made for slippery challenging conditions as we made our way back to Palmerston North to end off the Rallye at AFC Motorcycles. Still with a mix of forests, farm crossings, technical descends and some flowing gravel roads the day was enjoyed by all despite the wet end to finish off an epic Rallye week.