• The first production lot of 20 vehicles will be built this year and is already sold out
  • GT homologation almost completed, the car will set new standards in vehicle safety
  • New steering wheel, new operating concept, state-of-the-art camera mirror concept

Despite the lockdown and the difficult circumstances, KTM Sportcar GmbH and development partner Reiter Engineering are able to meet the schedule for the start of the series production of the KTM X-BOW GTX. "We will have the first car on its wheels in August," says Hubert Trunkenpolz, CMO KTM AG. “This is an enormously important milestone for us – and proof of how hard the entire team at KTM and at Reiter Engineering has worked in the past weeks and months. Series production will start as planned in September and the first customer vehicles can be delivered in October”, says Trunkenpolz.

In addition to the extraordinary, exclusive look of the full carbon super sports car, the impressive performance data – around 500 hp in the case of the "basic version" KTM X-BOW GTX meet a dry weight of just 1,000 kilograms – and the outstanding safety concept with a combination of a homologated GT roll cage and homologated monocoque, there is now also a new interior and operating concept that’s looking spectacular already in the first renderings and promises a completely new driving experience.

"We have a completely redesigned steering wheel with an integrated display and operation of all important functions including adjustable traction control and adjustable ABS”, Hans Reiter is explaining details of the driver's view from the cockpit perspective. “The new ventilation concept with optional, electric air conditioning ensures that the driver stays cool even on hot track days or racing days. Instead of conventional exterior mirrors, we are using a state-of-the-art camera mirror system that sets standards in terms of drag and overall view. And finally, we can present the full carbon competition seat, developed together with our partner Recaro, which on the one hand raises the safety standard of the KTM X-BOW GTX to an even higher level, but on the other hand also offers great ergonomics as it can be adjusted to every driver thanks to individual paddings”, says Reiter.