Life isn’t easy.

Deadlines, stress, challenges, upheaval, unrest, isolation, disconnection.


It can all get hard. And talking about it can be the hardest of all.
Where does motorcycle riding fit into all this?

The reason behind each riders passion can vary … whether they seek an escape from everyday life, the exhilaration of speed or the proud sense of achievement upon overcoming challenging terrain.

The fact that when the helmet goes on, your attention is focused on your bike, the terrain, your line … and all else fades away.  The perfect way to clear your head.

And at the end of a great days ride, you can’t beat sharing your experiences and bench racing with your mates. Talking through the challenges of the day – the thrills and spills – creates a vibe that needs to be felt to be understood.  One that combats the stresses of life and mental health issues that are so hard to discuss.  Enter … Swiss 8.

From left; Paul Warren, Steve Moharic, Lincoln Haycroft, Will Paton

Swiss 8 is a proactive mental health charity, founded by Australian military veterans.  They have lived through disconnection from mates, anxiety through workplace and lifestyle transition, and loss of identity and purpose after military service.

Swiss 8 wants to share the lessons they have learned with the entire country and are taking action with programs and events to raise awareness and connect all those looking for a like-minded community and rewarding experience.


The KTM Racing Team were introduced to Swiss 8 founder Adrian Sutter and his crew in Alice Springs at the 2021 FINKE Desert Race.  

The Swiss 8 team had several riders competing, while filming a mini-documentary “Pursuit of Purpose Experience”, focused on the Veteran life after service message.

Staying in touch over the next few months, an opportunity to ‘practice what we preach’ came up – a project connecting riders and exploring the mental health benefits of motorcycling.  The KTM 2022 Enduro “Why We Ride” project was born.

Add in moto legend Jeff Leisk and new trail bike tour operator Trail Bound Moto, and the ride was set.

Why We Ride

2022 KTM Enduro

2022 KTM Enduro

Why We Ride

Swiss 8 is hosting their annual campaign, A BBQ To Remember from 11th October - 11th November 2021.

This national campaign is connecting millions of Australians in the aim to reduce anxiety, depression and suicide.

Join the fight and fire up for mental health. Support the cause by entering the raffle to win a mind-blowing prize worth $180,000! bbqtoremember.com/raffle

Ignite change - stand alongside our Veterans and sporting legends Wendell Sailor, Drew Mitchell, Isaac Heeney and Harries Carroll by registering to host A BBQ To Remember bbqtoremember.com