• A sound knowledge of motorcycle riding techniques is vitally important, not only for rider safety, but also to ensure you receive the maximum enjoyment from your KTM Motorcycle. The below list of Accredited Coaches has been carefully selected by KTM Australia, so no matter where you are located or your skill level, you can access the highest level of off-road coaching available....


    Our Coaches



    • Adventure
    • Enduro
    • Offroad


    Chris is a life-long motorcycle addict and KTM ambassador that enjoys sharing knowledge and techniques learnt from racing around the world. Chris has been coaching offroad skills since 2007 and teaches all levels of riders.




    • Motocross
    • Supercross
    • Flat Track / Short Circuit
    • Supermoto


    Ben has been with KTM since 2015 and has been coaching for 21 years. He is currently running schools all across Australia and mainly coaches 3-4 time locally on the Sunshine Coast. Ben also starts them early, with extensive junior coaching experience.



    Beatons Pro Formula 

    • Motocross
    • Junior Motocross


    Beaton's Pro Formula is a professional motocross coaching company that has a real passion for rider development of all skill levels. At Beaton's Pro Formula we aspire to get the best results possible out of every student whether you are a professional rider or just a beginner.



    luke george coaching 

    • Motocross
    • Junior Motocross


    Luke George 101 Coaching provides motorbike training in both private and group sessions. Luke, a former Australian Champion and AMA racer can also assist with bike setup and has a full range of KTM motorcycles for hire (whilst training) at his facility located 30mins north of Newcastle NSW.