• AJMX 2023


  • KTM Australian Junior Motocross

    The KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championship (AJMX) is a showcase of the best in Australian Junior Motocross, conducted over a five-day period. It is impossible to list the names and the sheer number of champions from the KTM AJMX who have progressed from a Junior Champion to the national and world stages.

    This year KTM Australia are proudly supporting the Australian Junior Motocross championships Located in Acacia Hills (Darwin), Northern Territory, from July 11 - July 16, 2023. 

    Event Details


            // Organiser - Acacia Hills Motocross Club

            // Event Dates - July 11th - July 16th, 2023 

            // Registrations - Open Now! Register HERE


    Set to be one to remember, the Acacia Hills Motocross Club in the northern territory are organising an outstanding 2023 KTM Australian Junior Motocross Competition. 

    With the riding taking centre stage, the club are working hard on creating an epic track for the young racing champions to battle it out for the number one Junior Championship position.  


    2023 EVENT Experiences


            // 5 Days Of Competitive Racing 

            // Rider Gift Bags 

            // Special KTM Guests 

            // Daily KTM Quiz Giveaways

            // AJMX Presentation Evening

            // KTM eDrive Track for non competitive little ones

            // Crocodile Petting Zoo

            // Giant Frilly Neck Lizard Jumping Castle

            // Sky-High Helicopter Tours of the KTM AJMX Track


    Class Details


    *02. 50cc Auto (7-u9yrs)

    *04. 65cc 2/ (7-u10yrs)

    *05. 65cc 2/ (10-u12yrs)

    *06. Mini Lites - 85cc 2/ & 150cc 4/ (9-u12yrs) (Standard Wheel only)

    85cc 2/ & 150cc 4/ (12-u14yrs) (Standard / Big Wheels)

    85cc 2/ & 150cc 4/ (14-u16yrs) (Standard / Big Wheels)

    100cc to 125cc 2 stroke

    100cc - 125cc 2 stroke (15yo)

    128cc to 150cc 2-stroke & 200cc to 250cc 4-stroke

    128cc - 250cc Intermediate

    85cc 2-stroke & 150cc 4-stroke (All Wheels) - Girls

    100cc to 150cc 2-stroke & 200cc to 250cc 4-stroke - Girls

    Registrations Open Now! 

    Registrations will close May 7th 2023

    2023 KTM Australian Junior Motocross