Motorcycle Traction Control involves sophisticated programming between sensors and software that influence how the machine reacts depending on the surface and the level of grip. Cornering MTC is now a standard component of motorcycle software ‘intelligence’ and works by reading the motorcycle’s behavior and responding immediately if the rotational speed of the rear wheel is disproportionate to the front wheel or the engine speed. The newest generation of Cornering MTC employs two different and independent controllers - one for wheelslip and another for pitch angle control – to increase the dimensions of use.  Pitch angle’s main benefit is in straight line acceleration: the power reduction is less abrupt when front wheel lifts up and thus more constant acceleration is achieved. The system is rapid, effective, smooth and barely noticeable but it can also be disengaged. Some models and modes will allow MTC to be set according to 9 levels of wheelspin ‘slip’: the advantage of this facility means riders can alter the bike’s response according to track or road conditions or the state of their tires. This slip level can be easily set and adjusted through the TFT display (only in TRACK and PERFORMANCE mode)