KTM Philippines Holds Inaugural Class of the KTM Riders Academy

KTM Philippines held the inaugural class of the KTM Riders Academy at the new KTM Offroad Track in Vermosa, Cavite last May 12, 2022. Eight KTM Adventure riders enlisted for the Bronze level of the Travel offroad course that is suitable for riders of all skill levels. The Bronze level is a prerequisite to the more advanced Silver and Gold Travel offroad courses. 

KTM Elite instructors Jermel Sevilla and Patrick Orbe taught the students, some of whom were first timers to ride off road, the basics of body positioning, how to pick up a fallen bike, how to properly sit and stand, how to make turns on loose surfaces, how to go over obstacles and more. 

After completing the drills, the students were led to a short but very technical trail ride around the offroad track where they applied the techniques they learned throughout the day. After the trail ride, the students were awarded their Bronze certificates that make them eligible for the more advanced Silver level of the Travel offroad course.