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Racing season goes into extra time with the X-BOW SPORT AUTO Winter Cup


While the weather gets harsh at domestic race tracks in fall and winter, the conditions still remain pleasant at facilities in Southern Europe. The famous race tracks in Spain and Portugal also offer highly challenging circuit layouts at Formula 1 and MotoGP™ level. The new X-BOW SPORT AUTO Winter Cup with sports cars from KTM will be held at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona and in Jerez, Estoril and Portimao.

The winter season starts on December 11 and 12, 2021 in Portimao near the Algarve coast and ends on March 12 and 13, 2022 in Barcelona. In this new racing series, SPORT AUTO takes on the role of co-promoter together with experienced promoter, Gedlich Racing. The X-BOW SPORT AUTO Winter Cup will take place as part of the "GT Winter Series". Event specialists around the racer Markus Gedlich ensure a professional and appealing environment for first-timers in motor sports as well as ambitious hobby drivers or experienced gentleman drivers.

"With the extremely attractive race tracks, the cooperation with Gedlich Racing and the spectacular sports cars from KTM, we have made a great package for the participants of our new X-BOW SPORT AUTO Winter Cup," says Bert Brandenburg, member of the Executive Board and Head of Event and Corporate Publishing of Motor Presse Stuttgart. "All things considered, you can really say that this leaves nothing to be desired in the heart of every racer." After the International German Motorcycle Championship (IDM) and the revival of the German Touring Car Challenge (DTC), the special-interest media house, Motor Presse Stuttgart, is now focusing on another attractive racing series with the new X-BOW SPORT AUTO Winter Cup.

The dates:

December 11-12, 2021: Portimao

January 15-16, 2022: Estoril (both Portugal)

February 12-13, 2022: Jerez

March 12-13, 2022: Circuit de Catalunya/Barcelona (both Spain)

All information and registration at www.sportauto-wintercup.de . "Arrive and Drive Packages" for racing participations and test opportunities as part of the X-BOW SPORT AUTO Winter Cup provided by Teichmann Racing and Razoon Racing.


Dirk Johae
Head of Corporate Communication
Motor Presse in Stuttgart
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