• Born on the racetrack


    The production KTM X-BOW is KTM’s interpretation of a super sports car for the 21st century. "We took Colin Chapman's idea of a spartan, lightweight sports car reduced to the bare essentials and transfered it into the new millennium – with as many technological innovations as possible", says KTM CEO Stefan Pierer, of the first four-wheeled model in KTM’s history

    GT race car-performance for the street.


    The KTM X-BOW GT-XR is the closest you can get to a purebred race car in a road-legal vehicle. The super sportscar is the ideal lightweight and high-performance car for true individualists who want to experience untamed dynamics, radical design and pure enthusiasm in everyday life as well. The basis for this is the KTM X-BOW GT2, which clearly demonstrates its strengths with victories and title wins on the racetracks of the world. In the development of the KTM X-BOW GT-XR, the focus was on the essentials – without sacrificing unique features, such as the electric jet fighter canopy. Here, outstanding performance is combined with engineering mastery so that every fibre, every component, every detail of this super sportscar is “READY TO RACE”.


    The unique, minimalistic, breathtaking design from KISKA unites all KTM X-BOW models. The concept is focused on the most important details – outstanding performance and excellent functionality.  
    A range of smart features provide the comfort and convenience alongside the unrivalled driving enjoyment. This philosophy, coupled with the highest quality of production, is what’s responsible for overwhelming experience on the road. Hand-picked suppliers and partners and the very best tools and materials are a guarantee of unforgettable driving experiences. No other car embodies the true spirit of a super sportscar in as honest and uncompromising fashion than the KTM X-BOW.

    Each incremental development pushed this philosophy forward. KTM and KISKA reached further milestones with the KTM X-BOW GT and the KTM X-BOW GT4, with the latter making headlines in international motorsport.

    The KTM X-BOW GTX and GT2 marked a new chapter in the KTM history, with design that brings together the best of both worlds. The front profile is reminiscent of an aggressive GT car, while the rear takes its cue from aerodynamic LMP machinery. Driven by the unquenchable desire to win on the race track, KTM’s first thoroughbred super sportscar is a statement of intent in automotive form: low-slung, broad-shouldered and aggressive.

    The road-going version, the KTM-XBOW GT-XR, was part of the design process right from the very start. The GT-XR is a wild and untamed racing car in the puristic body of a road car. A fascinating lightweight and high-performance machine bringing state-of-the-art motorsport technology such as the unique “jet fighter canopy” while remaining suitable for everyday use. The KTM X-BOW GT-XR is a super sportscar that is ready to race at any time, spearheading the KTM X-BOW range


    Developing a super sportscar is like climbing a mountain of speed. You need to have a plan if you want to reach the summit, but you also need to train hard to push your own boundaries. All of the underlying ideas, concepts and innovations for the KTM X-BOW GT-XR must first be proven on the racetrack. Our journey began in 2008 with the first KTM X-BOW. Inspired by LMP and GT racing cars, every technical detail of the KTM X-BOW GT-XR has been developed to deliver absolute performance. What we have created is an uncompromising driving machine designed for lightweight and aerodynamic efficiency. Components tried and tested on the racetrack, such as the jet fighter canopy, the ultra-light carbon monocoque, the powerful five-cylinder engine and the removable steering wheel with integrated LED display are not available in this combination in any other road-legal super sportscar.

    Aerodynamic efficiency down to the smallest detail.

    The aerodynamics of the KTM X-BOW GT-XR are clearly derived from the highly successful KTM X-BOW GT2, with the designers paying close attention to optimal aerodynamic efficiency. From the wedge-like body shape and the sleek and streamlined front surface of the car to the aerodynamically optimised wheel suspension, a floor section designed to maximise ground effect and the rear diffusor and large rear wing, every effort has gone into achieving the maximum amount of downforce at the lowest possible air resistance. The unique “AirCurtain” system in a road-legal car has been developed to create an aerodynamic ground effect that helps the car stick to the road. Vortices generated by the front spoiler and routed around the floor create a seal of air underneath the car and enhance the aerodynamic effect even further. The car’s low centre of gravity, coupled with the kind of aerodynamics and agile handling usually only seen on the racetrack, make the KTM X-BOW GT-XR a super sportscar that genuinely is “READY TO RACE”.

    Comfort features for everyday use

    Sophisticated features to increase the car's comfort make the KTM X-BOW GT-XR perfect as a daily driver. Nothing stands in the way of long trips and journeys. Thanks to its low weight, economical engine and large fuel capacity, it is possible to for example cross the Alps and return without stopping to refuel. Meanwhile, the luggage is well protected in the 160-litre trunk. The electrically assisted progressive power steering allows the driver to effortlessly drive the GT-XR over winding mountain passes. At the same time, views can be enjoyed from the air-conditioned interior – even to the rear. The camera-rearview mirror system provides the perfect all-round view. Your own smartphone can show you the way, easily connected to the vehicle and the sound system via the Quadlock system and Bluetooth pairing. When parking at the destination, the optional rear-view mirror provides assistance.

    Audi 2.5 litre five-cylinder TFSI

    At the heart of the machine is the legendary 2.5 litre, five-cylinder engine manufactured by Audi AG. It is lighter, more compact, more powerful and more efficient than comparable engines. With enormous amounts of torque available at low revs and its characteristic tone, the engine is a perfect match with the KTM X-BOW GT-XR’s radical philosophy. The engine, crowned “engine of the year” on nine separate occasions is not only the world's most powerful production five-cylinder, it is also the latest in a long line of successful Audi engines that have shone on racetracks.

    Direct shift gearbox (DSG) with mechanical limited slip differential and rear wheel drive

    The electronically controlled seven-speed direct-shift gearbox (DSG) guarantees ultra-rapid shifting without dropping torque. The transmission makes sure that the engine is always deploying its maximum power to the rear axle. A mechanical motorsport differential is responsible for transferring this limitless performance to the rear wheels equally.

    Electric canopy with soft-close function

    Given the level of performance delivered by the KTM X-BOW GT-XR, it feels like you are flying a jet fighter when you’re behind the wheel, and the unique electric canopy only adds to the sensation. The lightweight and extremely robust canopy can be opened and closed electronically and consists of a carbon frame with a windscreen that can also be opened to the left- and right-hand side using separate glass doors. The canopy helps protect the driver and passengers while offering the best possible view of the road ahead. It can withstand roughly six times the weight of the vehicle. The canopy can be opened and closed with ease using the remote control on the car key.

    Carbon monocoque

    The fully carbon fibre monocoque was already at the cutting edge of technology when it was first released in 2008. It has been continuously perfected ever since. It is one of the lightest and safest chassis, with the highest level of torsional stiffness, ever used in a road car. The safety cell, which weighs just 89 kilograms, has been tested on the racetrack countless times and is a guarantee excellent safety standards. Paired with the powerful drive train, the precision suspension and the carbon fibre monocoque is what gives the KTM X-BOW GT-XR its extreme agility and outstanding performance.

    Carbon rear wing

    The oversized carbon rear wing helps maximise rear downforce. The newly developed part delivers maximum grip and stability even at high speed, ensuring that you can utilise every last drop of power from the engine and hit the apex of every corner.

    Rear view mirror camera system

    A good view of the rear of the car is vital if you want to see who you have just passed on the racetrack. Not only that, it’s also an important part of staying safe on the road. In the KTM X-BOW GT-XR, the driver can keep track of everything thanks to the intelligent rear view mirror camera system (CMS). The customary rear view mirrors have been replaced by high-resolution digital cameras. Instead of the rear view mirrors, it is the LED displays on the driver’s and passenger’s side of the canopy that provide a clear view of the rear of the car. The video signal is transmitted to the displays with practically zero latency and in real time. Besides the obvious benefits such a system offers, the lack of rear view mirrors also removes excess weight and negative aerodynamic effects. The digital rear view mirror offers an even better view of the car’s surroundings, especially when parking.

    Car trunk

    There is one thing no super sportscar capable of going on longer tours can do without: a decent-sized trunk. The KTM X-BOW GT-XR has 160 l of luggage space, and is able to accommodate up to two normal hand luggage bags and a handbag. The individually designed, custom-fitted luggage items, developed in cooperation with the traditional brand Meindl, can be purchased as an option.

    High performance forged wheels by OZ Racing

    The forged aluminium wheels specially designed for the KTM X-BOW GT-XR by Italian manufacturer OZ Racing combine top-of-the-line performance with eye-catching design. The Y-5-spoke rim meets the highest standards of lightweight design while offering maximum mechanical resistance and strength. The 19" rims for the front axle and 20" rims for the rear axle are available in Black Gloss, Star Graphite, Bronze Matt, Grigio, Corsa Bright and Gold Gloss.

    Full carbon bucket seat

    The seat is the most important connection between driver and car and is an area where every detail counts. The KTM X-BOW GT-XR bucket seat is made entirely of carbon fibre composite material, and is therefore extremely lightweight, offers strong support and provides reliable feedback to the driver in any situation. Thanks to the highly resilient four-point safety harness driver and passenger remain rooted to their seats even in extreme situations. The bucket seats can be fully customised using easily interchangeable seat pads.

    GT race car-performance for the street.

    Born on the racetrack

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    Strikingly high quality standards to redefine driving pleasure

    Outstanding precision and build quality are the product of perfectly designed and coordinated production systems and processes. That’s why the KTM X-BOW GT-XR is manufactured at the KTM X-BOW Graz plant – one of the most high-tech small-series automotive factories in the world –  with its sophisticated vehicle logistics. Around 100 KTM X-BOW units are produced in the variants “R”, “RR”, “GT4”, “GT”, “GTX” and “GT2” – and now also “GT-XR” – by a small team of specialists in accordance with outstanding standards of precision. The most spectacular super sportscar on the market may be at the cutting edge of development, but it continues to be assembled by hand. Each and every KTM X-BOW is made with the greatest of care and a wealth of expertise, in accordance with the strictest quality standards.


    The KTM X-BOW has been manufactured in a purpose-built plant in Graz since June 2008. It is one of the world's most modern vehicle limited-production facilities and was built in a matter of months in accordance with the latest standards.


    KTM has developed ingenious warehousing, special transport logistics (including specially designed transport containers for the valuable carbon-fibre parts) and special assembly technologies


    Naturally, customers and interested parties are welcome to visit us at any time in Graz – whether it be to buy new performance parts or to find out all there is to know about the KTM X-BOW. For all those who would like to collect their vehicle from the Graz factory, there is a special offer, which is supervised personally by site manager Michael Wölfling in person: "With the KTM X-BOW, we are not merely selling a car, but a unique experience. Every customer naturally receives a guided tour around our factory. Anyone who wants to can even watch their vehicle pass through the final stages of production – and then drive directly to their first driver training session on the Red Bull Ring



    We service and maintain our own racing cars as well as customer cars in our modern plant in Upper Austria. In 2018, the opening ceremony of the branch marked also the ten years celebration for the KTM X-BOW.

    The KTM X-BOW Racing Center’s showroom is opened to the public and we’re more than happy to welcome customers, interested parties and onlookers altogether for having a close-up look to all KTM X-BOW models available.

    No matter if street legal cars or racing cars – our highly specialized crew of mechanics and engineers will be more than happy to take care of your KTM X-BOW – no matter if it’s just for a simple service check-up, or vastly upgrades thanks to our exciting range of KTM X-BOW PowerParts.