Shopping & Lifestyle in the KTM Motohall

With a broad and diverse range of products for him, her and the aspiring young racer of the family, the KTM Motohall Retro- and KTM PowerWear collection allows all riders to gear and look as READY TO RACE as possible off the road, track or trail. The Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Lifestyle collection and the KTM Motohall Brandbook completes the range.

And children - big and small - pay attention: New in the KTM Shop is also the KTM Red Bull Racing Team Truck! This faithful replica is the one with which the team transports the motorcycles and equipment to MotoGP™ races.

The KTM Motohall giftcard is perfect looking for the right gift for motorsport enthusiasts. To redeem in the shop, in the exhibition of the KTM Motohall and in the á la carte restaurant Garage.


MAGNETS The decorative magnets depicting the historic KTM Apfelbeck and the KTM Comet, and the legendary KTM Ponny and Austrian Motocross legend Heinz Kinigadner make great souvenirs for any age group and will delight every collector. 

RETRO SHIRTS 1988’s most modern one-cylinder engine opened the door for KTM to enter the performance race in the SOS class. The SOUND OF SINGLES (SOS) shirt reminds us of the ultra-light, ultra-strong and also ultra-vibrating LC4 engine with the Road Race chassis from that era. In 1967, the off-road machine KTM Penton Six Days came onto the market. The PENTON VINTAGE TEE shirt recalls the design of an eight-liter Motocross model by Erich Trunkenpolz, the son of KTM’s company founder, and the American John Penton.


RADICAL COLLECTION - With the choice of multiple hats, tees, hoodies and even RUBBER BOOTS for the muddiest of events, you can clearly show your orange pride when cheering your heroes when riding offroad. The youngest in the Orange Family included, they can make their first steps towards racing Erzberg too onboard the KIDS RADICAL TRAINING BIKE with a matching helmet – because safety first!

PURE COLLECTION - The KTM PowerWear PURE COLLECTION is as the name would suggest. It embodies simplicity with no frills or detours on route to its one goal - PURE comfort with PURE style. Bearing minimalist design details, whether it is the PURE SHADES, SHORTS, or CHRONO WATCH, this collection is as focused as the rider sporting it. There are also the PURE SWEATERS and water-resistant PURE JACKETS, for him and for her, proving again that with KTM form does not mean compromise in function.

UNBOUND COLLECTION - The KTM PowerWear UNBOUND COLLECTION encourages exploring the limits of everyday convention and beyond. KTM’s goal when designing this range for adventurers was to follow the same winning formula as that of its motorcycles – keep the performance and function high and the weight low. Reversible with a sporty cut, the vest of this collection is also water and wind repellent ensuring you can gear up for the extremes. UNBOUND TEES are designed for comfort and made from high grade materials. Available for men and women.

EMPHASIS COLLECTION - The all new KTM PowerWear EMPHASIS COLLECTION is for those chasing championship titles on and off the track. Designed entirely around maximum performance, this gear has you covered when you turn your training up to the max. Lightweight, fast drying and breathable; the EMPHASIS SHORTS, TIGHTS and TEE are the ideal set up for training indoors or out. When out pre-running the most challenging trails the water and wind resistant EMPHASIS JACKET can protect you from the elements whilst reflective details on all items keep you visible. Available for men and women with a READY TO RACE attitude.

REPLICA COLLECTION - Anaheim to Aragon, Peru to Porto, whether it’s Supercross, MotoGP™, Dakar Rally or WESS, the KTM Factory Racing Teams and their riders are easily spotted in arguably the most distinctive teamwear of any paddock, pitlane or bivouac around the globe. The KTM PowerWear REPLICA COLLECTION allows you to look and feel as READY TO RACE as the pros. This spirit can be passed onto your whole pit crew at home with a wide range of apparel for men, women and kids, even a full set up for babies too - starting at 0-3months in size. A matching range of luggage is also available, whether you need to pack a full set functional KTM PowerWear for a race abroad, or just want to maintain that factory look on a weekend city break.

ORANGE COLLECTION - Now there’s one thing that cannot be missed in this collection; the color. The KTM PowerWear ORANGE COLLECTION is unmistakably KTM and carries the color of its namesake, as well as your KTM PowerWear, with all the verve and vigor it deserves. Big enough for a complete set of riding kit and durable enough for the harshest of paddocks, the ORANGE TRAVEL BAG 9800 is the undisputed champion of kit bags. Spectators are well looked after from the comfort of the foldable RACETRACK CHAIR and the wind and water-resistant ORANGE JACKET, lined with thermal insulation. Whether you are drinking a coffee, opening a bottle, keeping your keys safe or comforting your baby with the all-time bestselling KTM DUMMY, there’s something in this range to remind your friends and family who your favorite motorcycle brand is!

MECHANIC COLLECTION - The work behind the scenes brings the top of the podium one step closer. That’s why the KTM PowerWear MECHANIC COLLECTION is designed to meet the needs of racing’s unsung heroes. The long elasticated cuffs of the MECHANIC ZIP SWEATER and HOODIE keep sleeves out the way when working in tight spaces, while the MECHANIC PANTS and SHORTS have plenty of pockets to stash essentials that are needed quickly. Excellent color fastness allows the team to wash their kit again and again - so they look and feel fresh at the start of each round!

The visit to the KTM Shop is rounded off with a race in the KTM X-BOW Simulator. Experience adrenalin and pure driving fun!

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