China 2022

  • 2022 KTM adventure Rally China

    3. - 8. September 2022

    Journey to the West! After KTMR2R organized a successful KTM ADVENTURE RALLY for the first time in 2021, KTM fans in China have been longing for the next one for a whole year. Now it’s time to bring back the orange passion! This time, we will be exploring the far west of China, the Xinjiang province, where riders will encounter as many as 10 different riding terrains in 5 days from Sep. 3rd to 8th



    The 2022 KTM ADVENTURE RALLY will start from HAMI, XINJIANG, bringing the riders on a 5-day hardcore rally experience. You will hit grasslands, the Gobi Desert, canyons, lakebeds, riverbeds, Danxia landforms, mountains, sand dunes and saline-alkali flats. Such a mix of diverse terrains is extremely rare in one single ride, and it is probably unique to the KTMR2R ADVENTURE RALLY CHINA 2022!



    On the first day, riders will undergo a full day of training, which will feature different terrains to get you fully acclimatized and ready. For the following 4 days you will ride from Bivouac into 4 different directions. Bivouac mode skips the boring road section and starts every day with hardcore off-road riding. This means that a total of 1,200 kilometers will satisfy your every craving for adventurous pleasures.



    The 2022 Adventure Rally China is open to riders with the following eligible KTM Adventure bikes: 390 Adventure, 640 Adventure, 690 Enduro R, 790 Adventure, 790 Adventure R, 890 Adventure, 890 Adventure R, 950 Adventure, 990 Adventure, 1050 Adventure, 1090 Adventure, 1090 Adventure R, 1190 Adventure, 1190 Adventure R, 1290 Super Adventure and 1290 Super Adventure R models.

    The Rally is tailored to suit a wide range of rider abilities, from those in their first few years of adventure riding up to seasoned adventure pros.

    Last year we were joined by 46 riders for the Adventure Rally, while this year we're opening up the registration to up to 80 riders to fulfill their orange adventure dreams. Including lead riders and media/KOL guests, that adds up to 100 riders tackling this adventure all together. Conquer the ultimate route in the most inaccessible wilderness and experience the pure spirit of adventure! On unpaved roads, you will test your limits and unlock your hidden potential!

    What's included:

    • 5 Days,1200km adventure riding
    • Dakar Riders as Lead Riders
    • Day 1 training course
    • Electronic roadbook device, GPS Files & Installation Service
    • Luggage Support
    • Tech Support
    • Tyre Support Assistance
    • Meals, Drinking Water, Snacks
    • 5 nights accommodation: 4 nights at star hotel & 1 night camping
    • Camping and picnic equipment
    • Personal insurance
    • Medic Support
    • Gift Box for Successfully-registered fans: Factory Team T-shirt, Customized Invitation card
    • KTM Rally Goody Bag:T-Shirt, Sticker, limited-edition Medal & More
    • Grand Dinner: Food&Drinks, Gathering, Gifts for lucky draw
    • Event Video & Event Photography
    • Airport/Railway Station shuttle bus. 

    Must have:

    • KTM Adventure Motorcycle, road registered,
    • Knobby Tyres & Ultra Heavy Duty Tubes fitted
    • 15800 RMB per person
    • Limited to 80 riders
    • More than 2 years of adventure riding experience totaling more than 5000km.
    • Full riding equipment. (We‘ll inspect all the bikes and equipment on the check-in day. If the equipment is unqualified, the organizer has the right to ask you to withdraw from the rally, and you need to bear the resulting losses by yourself. (See below for the details of ride equipment requirements)
    • ID card (passport), valid Chinese driver's license and insurance, motor vehicle driving permit, etc.


    PUBLIC REGISTRATION OPENS HERE: Wednesday July 28th, 3.00pm GMT+8
    • All participants need to scan the QR Code to submit the registration info online first,and then we’ll call to inform the audit results within 15 working days. After approval, you need to pay to the designated account of the KTMR2R dealers.
    • We will reserve a place for you after receiving the full payment. If you can’t join the event due to your own reasons, the registration fee cannot be refunded.
    • If you choose the registration package with Bluetooth headset, we will give you the device on the check-in day.
    • This event may be postponed or cancelled due to force majeure factors such as epidemic prevention and control, natural disasters, etc. In such cases, the registration fee will be fully refunded.
    • All travelers, who enter China, are screened upon arrival and subject to a minimum 14-day quarantine. While restrictions around domestic travel within China have eased, local quarantine requirements can vary significantly between cities, and regulations can change very quickly