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    The KTM AUSTRALIA ADVENTURE RALLYE will be exploring an all-new region for the 2024 edition, exploring the Sapphire Coast of New South Wales from November 3rd – 8th.  This exclusive five-day motorcycle adventure ride focuses on offering riders an inspiring adventure full of outstanding riding, unrivalled comradery and long-lasting memories.




    For the 2024 edition, 130 riders will enjoy Eden, a seaside paradise on the sparkling Sapphire Coast of New South Wales, and will explore the region's extensive network of adventure tracks, from high mountain plateaus to sandy coastal beaches and everything in between. Designed with the larger capacity KTM adventure range in mind, as well as the variety of rider abilities, the track is sure to make any adventure rider smile from ear to ear! All with the support of KTM Australia’s dedicated crew, from expert local Route Coordinators to Lead and Sweep Riders, as well as luggage, technical, medical and 4WD backup support.



    The KTM AUSTRALIA ADVENTURE RALLYE brings KTM riders together over the course of five days to celebrate the best values of adventuring: camaraderie, exploration, discovery and having an epic time on two wheels with like-minded people. With special points of interest on each days route, challenging breakouts for those looking to add some extra spice to their adventure, and the best tracks from local expert Route Coordinators – this is adventure riding at its best.



    Each KTM AUSTRALIA ADVENTURE RALLYE rider can make the most of their experience. The event route is tailored to suit a range of rider abilities, from those starting out in their first few years of adventure riding to seasoned adventure pros (we strongly advise that riders should have, at minimum, two years of off-road riding experience). To cater for this variety of riders levels, each day’s route can be traversed in your own time, at your own pace, with two route options available daily – Main Route and Breakout Routes. Main Route will offer easier tracks for riders – gravel roads, forest tracks and more flowing offroad sections. Breakout Routes will feature more spicy challenging sections including single track, steep hills, and river crossings. The Breakout Routes will be graded on our ‘chili system’ rating, to advise riders on how spicy they are! Navigation for riders will be via GPS, with arrows to assist throughout the day and daily route sheets provided at Riders Briefings including points of interest, suggested lunch stops and fuel stations.

    The 2024 KTM AUSTRALIA ADVENTURE RALLYE is exclusively open to riders with the following KTM adventure bikes: 390 ADVENTURE, 640, 690, 790, 790R, 890, 890R, 950, 990, 1050, 1090, 1090R, 1190, 1190R, 1290 and 1290R models.The event is tailored to suit a wide range of rider abilities, from those in their first few years of adventure riding up to seasoned ad venture pros (we strongly advise that riders should have, at minimum, two years of off-road riding experience).

    Keen to get onboard and don’t have a KTM in your garage? We hope to see you next time in orange...

    As always, the KTM AUSTRALIA ADVENTURE RALLYE is about offering an unmatched experience with like-minded people to our ORANGE Adventure riders of all skill levels. Bring your partner, along with an old friend or make new ones, in the spirit of adventure riding, the KTM ADVENTURE RALLY is about getting back to the basics and enjoying your KTM ADVENTURE bike.

    What’s included:

    • 5-days, 1500km adventure riding
    • Lead riders, course markers & GPS files
    • Luggage support
    • Tech support
    • Tyre support assistance
    • Medic support
    • Backup vehicle & sweep support
    • Dinner included every night
    • KTM goody bag - t-shirt, sticker & more
    • Event video, featuring all the highlights
    • Event photographer
    • Ride with KTM special guests!
    • $1,995 AUD Per Rider.


    • KTM ADVENTURE Motorcycle (in good riding condition before you arrive at the Rallye), road-registered
    • Third Party Property Damage Insurance OR Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance (preferred)
    • Ambulance Cover (ensure your cover is valid in New South Wales) / Medical Insurance
    • Full Open Motorcycle License (depending on your motorcycle)
    • Minimum 250 km Fuel Range
    • Knobby tyres & ultra heavy-duty tubes fitted
    • GPS Navigation Capabilities

    Registration Information

    The 2024 KTM Australia Adventure Rallye has officially SOLD OUT through Dealer Priority Registration.  Due to popular demand, the 130 spots have sold out in record time. Be sure to join the wait list below...



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