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  3. Discover what makes it a sophisticated hooligan.

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01 | a segment shake up

02 | the ride experience

03 | a sophisticated hooligan

The KTM SMT is a sophisticated hooligan.

The bike features some of the latest advancements in technology, but is still all about getting sideways and pushing to the max. 

In our final slip of exclusive content, we can confirm that the KTM SMT will feature Supermoto ABS and a slipper clutch, so you better get ready to back it in!

Supermoto ABS changes the braking settings of the bike and allows you to lock the rear tyre and slide into a corner. Supermoto ABS also allows the rear wheel to lift off the ground. Lastly Supermoto ABS lets a rider brake as hard as they want when leaned over, a very useful feature on a racetrack! 

A slipper clutch reduces the effect of engine braking which stops the rear from hopping or chattering and allows for a much smoother entry into a corner. A slipper clutch works especially well when the rear wheel is being locked up for those epic corner entry slides!



April, 24th, 5pm (CET)


It’s time to inject some serious adrenalin into our exclusive content!

Jump behind the bars with Pikes Peak legend, Chris Fillmore, and experience a brief, but thrilling moment of the new KTM SMT at full send.

But don’t stop there. Beyond the fast onboard sneak peek, you will find some insightful things Chris had to say about riding KTM’s returning icon.

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“When you take all these components, the strength of the frame, the rigidity of it, but at the same time the flex in all the right areas. You have something that’s capable but very forgiving on the rider. It really gives you the opportunity to ride the motorcycle how you want.”

- Chris Fillmore, 3x Pikes Peak Record Holder

 “It’s such a hooligan bike, you can slide it into the corners and flip it from side to side. It’s got everything you could want in a package for shredding the streets”

- Chris Fillmore, 3x Pikes Peak Record Holder

 “If somebody asked me if they should consider it, and they like riding on the street? A bike that handles well, good power, amazing delivery and unbelievable usability? Hell yeah!

- Chris Fillmore, 3x Pikes Peak Record Holder



April, 11th, 5pm (CET)



“ The KTM SMT had to come back. Why? Its roots are inherently KTM and appeal to riders that look at sporty bikes with a glint in their eye. “

- Adriaan Sinke, Head of Product Management Motorcycles @KTM




“We wanted a model with the spirit of Supermoto and the excitement of a KTM DUKE but with extra practicality for the road and for getting from A to B with a large grin.”



“It’s a thrilling bike in what is a boring segment of the market. Time to shake it up”

“ Our intention with the design was always to convey the message that the bike is Radical, Bold and a riding machine without compromise - unmistakably KTM. ”

- Christof Täubl, Lead Designer @KISKA



“We were able to meet our goals with the new SMT: excellent power with maximum grip but long travel suspension and other concessions for a ride that allow you to charge hard but also clock-up the miles.”