• tech-air® 5 airbag vest

  • Whether you’re slashing through twisty alpine roads, chasing the clock on an urban commute, or trying to beat the sunset on a high-speed tour, the TECH-AIR® 5 AIRBAG VEST is the ultimate under jacket protection garment to have.

    It has sensitivity selection options so you can choose between street and race mode. Beyond its obvious protection advantages and innovative connectivity features, the lightweight vest also features an integrated back protector and vents that promote positive airflow. The vest is tethered to your phone via Bluetooth so you can monitor the system’s operational and battery status, as well as to analyze your ride by plotting a route map.


    Its active electronic system features six integrated sensors and a crash algorithm that uses AI technology to accurately monitor airbag deployment in the event of a crash. 


    The airbag decreases impact force by up to 93 % compared to other CE-certified passive protectors. It offers the same protection as provided by 18 level 1 back protectors. The unrivaled upper body protection keeps motorcycle riders safe by uniquely covering the rider’s shoulders, chest, ribs, and full back. It becomes fully inflated before the rider’s body contacts the obstacle.


    * WARNING: These vests should not be used by people wearing a pacemaker or other electronic medical devices and people with breast implants. Remember that there are magnets inside the activation tab!

    Combine the Tech-Air 5 System with

    This slim, self-contained wearable airbag vest fits under any proper fitting textile jacket, or leather jacket that has at least 4 cm of space around the rider’s chest. It offers unrivaled protection around the rider’s shoulders, chest, ribs, and full back. With a deployment time of between 20 and 40 ms, the fast-acting air protection layer helps to minimize the forces at impact. The air pockets around the shoulder area on this latest edition really help to reduce shoulder and collarbone injuries.


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