KTM and WP Suspension have created new generations of Semi Active Technology (SAT) to ensure more sensitivity, feedback and possibilities for motorcycle set-up. The Suspension Control Unit (SCU) adjusts the damping rates with magnetic valves in real-time to react to surfaces and rider input.

Stroke sensors and accelerometers form the basis of this advanced kit that is fully tunable from the comfort of the TFT display and handlebar switches where the rider can make clicks for both the front and rear units individually and then let the system adapt and react automatically. 

Three different damping modes - COMFORT, STREET, SPORT - are available as standard equipment.

In addition, the spring preload of the rear suspension can be set up to 20 mm, via the TFT menu in 10 steps according to the requirements of the rider. In this case, the adjustability setting ranges from 0% to 100%, in 10% or 2 mm increments.  


In addition to the standard suspension settings, the optional SUSPENSION PRO package offers three more damping modes, namely TRACK (For all KTM STREET motorcycles) and OFFROAD (For all ADVENTURE motorcycles), ADVANCED, and AUTO.

  • TRACK (For all KTM STREET motorcycles) and OFFROAD (For all ADVENTURE motorcycles), provides the stiffest available setting developed internally by KTM test riders to provide the ideal setting for track days and fast race tracks. 
  • ADVANCED allows the rider to select the level of damping for the fork and shock on a scale from 1 to 8. This suits more technical riders who are looking for the smallest marginal gains and want to fine-tune and tailor their suspension settings for their riding styles.
  • AUTO is the most intelligent of the trio and is capable of detecting different riding styles and automatically adapting the damping of suspension, being softer and more comfortable when cruising through the city, and harder and more focused when riding aggressively on a fast mountain pass. This auto adjustment between modes happens almost instantly without any interference in the ride.