• There’s a moment on every journey when you are faced with a decision - continue down the path of least resistance or charge off into the unknown and let the adventure really begin. For KTM Adventure riders there's really only one choice - the more daring option! Join us for an epic journey as we reveal all our latest ADVENTURE models - stage by stage. 


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    Do you believe the best adventures are experienced on two wheels? Does your inner voice constantly dare you to push harder, faster, and further every time you ride? Jump into a whole new world and discover the true meaning of Adventure with KTM. More extreme and more exciting than ever before.

    KTM 890 ADVENTURE R 2023

    The KTM 890 ADVENTURE R is the ultimate offroad-focused travel bike for those more adventurous shortcuts. While there may be a perfectly groomed dirt road to your far-off destination, this nimble mid-weight machine urges you to jump into the unknown and enjoy the ride on a more extreme path. 


    The updated KTM 890 ADVENTURE R proves that the destination comes second. With its unmatched ability to dispatch everything from highways to rocky gravel switchbacks, to single goat tracks, the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R boasts serious travel capabilities. Thanks to incredibly responsive powerplant, pin-sharp offroad handling, and all-day comfort, its all about the journey.


    On a KTM ADVENTURE RALLY you will discover the true meaning of ADVENTURE. It’s an opportunity to embrace the KTM spirit and take on more daring trails. Charge down epic dirt roads, power through unchartered forests, conquer extreme riding territory, and share it all with like-minded riders. Discover more about KTM ADVENTURE rallies 


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    Are you ready to listen to your inner voice?

    It's time to stop ignoring your inner voice and embrace that desire to take on more daring adventures. Go for it - you know you want to!