• True Racing & Reiter Engineering are fixing the 2021 season before the end of the year
  • This means that at least four KTM X-BOW GT2s will compete in the “GT2 European Series”
  • Customer racing is the focus, at least two AM driver pairings are planned for the season

Before the most quiet time of the year begins, True Racing and Reiter Engineering are going full throttle: With the announcement that they will be putting at least four brand new KTM X-BOW GT2 racing cars on the grid of the GT2 European Series premiere season for customers, the Upper Austrian/Bavarian team sends out a strong message regarding the latest SRO invented racing series of organizer Stéphane Ratel, which will be held on a total of five racing weekends in 2021.

For the races in Monza, Hockenheim, Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps and Paul Ricard, the four vehicles will be manned by Pro-AM or pure AM driver pairs. Reiter Engineering Team Principal Hans Reiter: “Since KTM's final announcement that the new KTM X-BOW GT2 will be the perfect racing car for the upcoming GT2 European Series, we have received numerous inquiries from customers, which are extremely motivated to get involved in an attractive racing series as a vehicle owner and, of course, as a driver. We are very satisfied with being able to announce that we will have no fewer than four vehicles under the name True Racing powered by Reiter Engineering. This is the proof that Stéphane Ratel and the SRO have recognized the wishes of numerous gentleman drivers for an attractive field of activity and that they have implemented it perfectly in the form of the GT2 European Series.“

True Racing team founder and KTM board member Hubert Trunkenpolz, who will take a spot behind the wheel himself in one of the four vehicles, is delighted with the response: “As an enthusiastic gentleman racer, I am pleased to see that the SRO concept is working and there is already great interest in the new GT2 racing series. The fact that we as True Racing together with Hans Reiter and his Reiter Engineering team can already confirm four vehicles at this early stage is an impressive proof of this."

Dates GT2 European Series 2021:

15th to 17th of April:      Monza

14th to 15th of May:      Hockenheim

25th to 27th of June:     Silverstone 500

23rd to 25th of July:      Spa Francorchamps

01st to 03rd of October: Paul Ricard