• There will be four KTM X-BOW track days in cooperation with Projekt Spielberg in 2021
  • On April 8th, May 25th, September 7th/8th and on October 28th engines will roar at the ring
  • The track days are open to all brands and offer perfect test conditions to all racing teams

There are no fewer than five KTM X-BOW track days to choose from in 2021. In cooperation with "Projekt Spielberg", KTM Sportcar GmbH will rent in on the Red Bull Ring on April 8th, May 25th, September 7th and 8th and October 28th at the Grand Prix track in Styria and thus offers customers, friends, prospective buyers and, above all, racing teams perfect test conditions on the famous Formula 1 track.

Thanks to the new concept of dividing the track day into groups “Race” and “Discover X-BOW”, as well as thanks two 100 minute long “Open Pitlane” sessions at the beginning and the end of the day, all interest groups will discover perfect testing conditions. Of course, all KTM X-BOW models are available for test drives for the “Discover X-BOW” stints: The road-legal versions KTM X-BOW R and KTM X-BOW GT as well as the racing versions KTM X-BOW RR, the KTM X-BOW GT4 and, lust but not least, the latest models KTM X-BOW GTX and KTM X-BOW GT2. Experienced interested parties can of course also do their KTM X-BOW racing car test within the "Race" sessions, a total of 300 minutes of track time is available here! Of course - as it’s now common practice on nearly every track day - noise regulations must be observed, but the limits are very generous: on April 8th the limit is 123 db, on May 25th it is 132 db and in autumn it is 123 db (September 7th), 132 db (September 8th) respectively 123 db (October 28th).

The track days are also extremely attractive in terms of pricing: Entering a car in the “Race” category (300 min.) is EUR 1,390,- (net), for racing teams participating with a KTM X-BOW RR, GT4, GTX or GT2 the entry fee is only EUR 1,190,- (net). Participants in the “Discover X-BOW” group have to pay EUR 490,- (net) for the whole day (5 stints of 25 minutes each) with their own (street-legal) KTM X-BOW, but of course interested parties can also rent a KTM X-BOW R directly at KTM: The "Arrive and Drive" package costs EUR 490,- (net) per stint (25 minutes track time), a full day (5 stints of 25 minutes) cost EUR 1,990 (net)!

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