• Extend the excellence: keep your KTM motorcycle rolling in the best possible way with a new service warranty boost. Service your KTM motorcycle, extend your warranty for free!

    Don’t be deprived of the torque. KTM is giving all loyal owners of the vibrant LC8c and LC8 STREET and TRAVEL motorcycle portfolio the possibility to wind their official warranty period open like a throttle. By simply booking a service at any Authorized KTM dealer – always the best and recommended route thanks to staff with model-specific training and knowledge, official KTM SpareParts and KTM PowerParts – you can now get FREE extra coverage for your ride courtesy of a fresh worldwide promotion.

    Additionally, the warranty period for KTM PowerParts and KTM SpareParts for ALL street models will be extended to 24 months. 


    What bikes and what benefit?


    What to know?

    • The manufacturer’s warranty will extend automatically after the service: you won’t have to do anything. The new date will be provided on the service printout, supplied after the appointment.
    • The KTM warranty period is associated with the motorcycle, not the owner, and can therefore be used by the new owner in case the motorcycle is sold.
    • The free warranty extension period is valid worldwide, regardless of the market or territory, but only applies to the 2024 motorcycles listed above.
    • Shred rubber and ride, rumble, and travel with assurance. Be secure in the knowledge that the extra mile or meter on the trail is covered. For more information check out the FAQs or simply visit any authorized KTM dealer