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The new KTM X-BOW SEQUENTIAL GEARBOX makes it possible to change gears under full load within a range of milliseconds. The basis for this is a high quality, motor racing tested 6-speed gearbox with purebred GT3 technology from Holinger Europe, which has been modified and optimized especially for use in the KTM X-BOW. The operation of the high strength shift fork functions pneumatically via shift paddles mounted on the removable steering wheel, and the gear indicator is integrated into the KTM X-BOW display. For installation in the KTM X-BOW the vehicle's cable harness must be renewed to guarantee proper functioning. It is recommended that the installation is carried out by a KTM X-BOW Service Partner or at the KTM X-BOW factory. Suitable for all KTM X-BOW models. For implementation additionally the RACING VEHICLE HARNESS is necessary.

  • Integrated shift paddles on the removal steering wheel
  • Gear indicator on the original KTM X-BOW Display
  • Possibility to connect an external transmission oil cooler (mandatory)
  • Tested for continuous operation with numerous tests and race track use
  • Weight of the entire gearbox: approx. 35kg (standard gearbox: 53kg)
  • Ideal coordination with the KTM X-BOW engine control unit
  • Automatic regulation of the shifting revs, tuned to suit desired gear changing operation
  • Optimized gear-changing response time (90ms)

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