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Best KTM-powered junior riders put on incredible show at KTM RC CUP World Final in Silverstone

The first ever KTM RC CUP World Final was held at Silverstone, England, on October 3-4, which pitched the best of the best RC 390 racers from ten different countries against each other in a new circuit-racing event for junior riders. 

The two eight-lap races grabbed the attention of everyone within the British Superbike Championship event at the historical Grand Prix circuit as 24 identical specification RC 390 CUP machines, with their single cylinder boom, were ridden to the limit on every conceivable racing line at every single corner from start to finish. Race strategies did not exist as slipstreaming, hard braking and advantageous passing moves were required by the stars of tomorrow. 

With many of the riders either still in their rookie season, not having seen the Silverstone circuit before or getting used to different tires and new machines, a rich pool of internationally experienced racers were available for advice across the weekend. Colin Edwards, Jeremy McWilliams, Steve Plater and Chris Fillmore were able to dispense their collective experience within the KTM Village where all riders were assembled in a close community.

Djim Ulrich, 15, from the Netherlands, took the overall win with two mature rides, starting with a second in Race 1 before following it up with a win in Race 2. For his efforts, the young Dutchman won a brand new KTM RC 390 machine along with coaching from a Red Bull KTM Moto3 rider.

Ulrich was pushed hard by Race 1 winner, 13-year old Sean Kelly from Florida, who races in the Mexican RC CUP due to being a year too young for the MotoAmerica RC CUP series. Third overall was Braeden Ortt, 15, who took a third and second. The Canadian also finished third overall in the MotoAmerica RC 390 CUP.

In total, 24 riders from ten nations were represented in the RC CUP World Final under the banner of the seven countries currently running an RC CUP series: Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Mexico, North America and United Kingdom. All of the youngsters received prizes ranging from an RC 390 machine, WP Suspension, Motorex product right to a €500 voucher to spend on KTM PowerWear or PowerParts.

Jeremy McWilliams (former MotoGP rider and now KTM test rider): “I’m so impressed with the racing this weekend and the approach by these young riders. Sure, there was some big prizes up for grabs, but the youngsters were more keen to take advantage of showcasing their skills in front of the British Superbike paddock and a world audience. Personally, there are too many outstanding moments from the weekend’s two races to single out; think the last lap of a Moto3 races but on every lap! But I know that this weekend has proved what an incredible formula the RC CUP is and opportunities it presents to young riders around the world. I can’t wait for next year.”

Final Standings KTM RC CUP World Final Silverstone 2015
1. Djim Ulrich (NED), 45 points
2. Sean Kelly (USA, Mexican RC CUP), 38
3. Braeden Ortt (CAN, American RC CUP), 36
4. Patrik Pulkkinen (FIN), 18
5.  Hayden Schultz (USA), 16