The unique carbon monocoque was specially developed for motorsport and is drawn directly from a Dallara Formula 3 chassis. The high side flanks are much more effective in the event of a side-ways collision than any other technical solution. The front crash box is connected to the monocoque and fulfills Formula 3 and sports car standards. The carbon monocoque itself has a four-layer, double-walled construction, which, from the position of the driver is fitted with a DMSB-homologated roll bar. It is also possible to mount a headrest, which is according to sportscar regulations, or even equivalent to those of the LMP. The KTM X-BOW GT4 sets new standards in GT racing safety standards with this unique combination of elements.


Roll bar


Seat belts



Technological leadership

Brake supplies

Adjustable brake balance

Racing ABS

Drivers safety

LMP Headrest

Vehicle saftey

Fire extinguisher system

Rain light

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