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Technical Customer Service

1. Where do I find my nearest authorised KTM dealer?

The best way is to use our dealer search.

2. How can I check service entries?

The KTM Service check is available to you on our website for this purpose.

3. Where can I get a certificate of delivery for my vehicle?

The transfer dealer is obligated to provide the certificate of delivery upon delivery to the customer.

A copy of it can be printed out by any KTM dealer.

4. Where do I find service and maintenance schedules for my vehicle?

In your Owner's Manual or as a printout from KTM Dealer.Net via KTM Dealer.

5. Where can I get a replacement for my Owner's Manual?

You can download current Owner's Manuals for a specific model from this website.

Older KTM Owner's Manuals from before model year 2000 can be downloaded as a printable PDF version by any KTM dealer from the KTM Dealer.Net.

6. What does the KTM warranty cover?

You will find the KTM warranty terms and conditions in your KTM service booklet or in the Service area of this website.

7. Who is authorised to perform warranty work?

The KTM manufacturer's warranty is valid worldwide; any authorised KTM dealer is entitled to perform warranty work.

8. How long is the guarantee period for my vehicle?

The length of the guarantee period is stated in the certificate of delivery.

If you would like to have the KTM guarantee for street models extended, you can find further information here!

9. Is the KTM manufacturer's warrant still valid after the motorcycle has been sold?

Yes, the KTM manufacturer's warranty is specific to a particular motorcycle and can be transferred to a new owner. The precondition for this is that the new owner is registered in the KTM Dealer.Net. Registration can be performed by any KTM dealer.

You also have the option of registering the transfer of ownership using the " Address or Owner Change" card in the service booklet. Please send it to the KTM representative in your country.

10. How do I find out if my vehicle is affected by a recall campaign?

In case of a recall, each vehicle owner of an affected vehicle will be contacted by KTM (or the respective national government authority) and requested to make a workshop appointment.

In addition, you will see a request to contact your dealer at Service query in the case of an open recall.

11. How can I find out if there are technical updates for my KTM?

Every authorised KTM dealer can look up the vehicle's history in the KTM Dealer.Net; open updates are shown and can be carried by out by any authorised KTM dealer.

12. Where can I see the service intervals for my KTM?

You will find information on the recommended service intervals for your motorcycle here.

13. Which tyres are approved for my KTM?

You will find information on the recommended tyres for your motorcycle here.

14. Which fuel can I use to operate my KTM?

You will find information on the recommended fuel for your motorcycle here.

15. Where do I find information about homologation, ABE and TÜV certification?

For any questions on these topics, please contact a KTM dealer.

KTM Marketing

1. Press

Our Public Relations department will gladly provide you with press information on the KTM model range, KTM PowerWear and PowerParts. You will find the KTM Press Area here.

Print-ready graphic material from all areas of KTM is available online from our official image database http://media.ktm.com

If you, as a media representative, have specific questions with regard to Public Relations, then please contact our Press Office directly at press@ktm.com.

2. KTM Customer Sport

Experience the entire world of KTM from the handlebars perspective? For years now, our KTM customer sport programme has made this possible with our "Ride Orange"

KTM racetrack training: TNT Race Orange Anyone who sets out for a KTM Track’n’Test Day with his KTM (or any other bike) knows what to expect: a day full of racing thrills and adrenalin, as well as plenty of racetrack expertise. Training is conducted in different groups, offering each person the perfect environment. Instructor support is a part of the KTM Track’n’Test Days, as is professional track management – with marshals, course stewards and medical care. This ensures the best possible riding safety.

KTM Race Camps "Ready to Race" is far more than just a marketing slogan to KTM. It is the motto under which the company organises a series of professional enduro and motocross camps in – with the highest standards. Training sessions are held on enduro and motocross tracks that are as interesting as they are demanding. Track profiling enables training at a wide variety of levels. The objective is to further improve your riding skills and, naturally, speed. KTM Race Camps are open to riders of all brands.

KTM Adventure Tours Whether training sessions with racing pros, riding fun at the most scenic locations in Europe or just pure adventure – KTM Adventure Tours offer a spectacular programme for all offroad fans. Whether beginner, seasoned enduro expert or global nomad – every KTM Adventure Tours customer gets what he is looking for. Thanks to the ongoing commitment of the KTM Adventure Tours team, we can offer an exclusive programme supported by our offices in and . Of course, every tour contains the best ingredients for an unforgettable offroad experience: Travel is in groups, led by the most seasoned tour guides over sensationally beautiful trails.

3. Racing

Dedicated to tradition? KTM's maxim "READY TO RACE" and our company philosophy are rooted in our successful commitment to racing. We take the insights we gain from motorsport development and invest them in KTM series production development – and thereby offer our customers the utmost quality: products that are "READY TO RACE".

Motorcycles from Mattighofen compete in a diverse range of race series around the world – and are regularly first across the finish line. More than 270 world championship titles send out a clear message.

At KTM, "READY TO RACE" is not only true with respect to offroad but for several years has also been true on the tarmaced racetracks of this world. Whether on or offroad, only one thing counts for KTM: being the fastest.

From A to Z, you will find all information, tables, news and racing facts regarding the KTM Racing Team under the Factory Racing menu on this web page.

4. The Company

The KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH is a strong company and an equally strong brand that is constantly expanding its international marketing footprint. KTM is a leading international manufacturer of motorsports vehicles with a special emphasis on sport-oriented motorcycles that underscore the company’s “READY TO RACE” philosophy.

The company has its headquarters in Mattighofen, Austria and is run by CEO Stefan Pierer, who took control of management in 1992 when it was re-launched with a mission to produce motorcycles of exacting standards of excellence. Stefan Pierer is a well-known figure in the automotive world, widely respected as a brave decision maker with clear visions. Gerald Kiska is responsible for the crafting of KTM’s unique design and brand identity. In charge of product design and brand positioning, Kiska also created KTM’s distinct and internationally recognized KTM “Orange” corporate identity.

KTM is proud to be the world market leader in sport motorcycles, and has won more than 270 world championship titles. In January 2017, the company succeeded in winning the Dakar Rally for the sixteenth consecutive time, establishing its absolute dominance in the world’s most gruelling rally of more than 9,500 km and setting completely new benchmarks in international offroad racing. While foremost in the offroad racing segment all over the world, KTM is also constantly expanding its street bike range. Its factory-supported team that contested the International German Superbike Championships (IDM) last season came away with the Manufacturer’s Title.

The company markets an exclusive range of KTM PowerParts to enable its motorcycles to be upgraded and personalised to suit specific requirements i.e. track racing, touring, style etc. KTM also offers a constantly updated range of KTM PowerWear: branded motorcycle clothes, accessories and other merchandise that reflect both current fashion trends and the company’s own racing DNA. All of KTM’s model range, as well as its exclusive PowerParts and PowerWear are specifically designed to catalyse a thrilling experience in riding and racing cutting edge motorcycles.

In addition to its extensive ranges of offroad and street bikes, KTM, as KTM-Sportcar GmbH, also produces a light weight sports car, the KTM X-Bow and as such has taken the first step into the automobile area.

KTM has also recently opened three new joint ventures, complete with distinct flagship stores, in Sao Paolo, Dubai and on the Philippines. These ventures recognise the importance of the dynamic emerging markets in those two regions and underline KTM’s firm commitment to increase its international marketing footprint.

With around 3000 employees, KTM produced over 200,000 motorcycles during the 2016 financial year to achieve a turnover figure of approximately €1,14 billion. Some 30 sales subsidiaries and three other joint ventures deliver KTM products to around 2,500 independent dealers and importers all over the world.

5. Become a KTM dealer

You can apply to become a KTM dealer here.

6. Info material

KTM dealer: Product information on current models is offered by over 1,200 certified KTM distributors around the world. You will find details on our sales network and on dealers in your area with the help of our dealer search

KTM Online News: Current news – whether racing successes, product news or events – can be found at our News section on this web page. There, the KTM Team provides international and national information.

KTM Newsletter: Information on current KTM topics (motorsport, products, events) every month? It's all in the KTM Newsletter. Simply register here.

Product information: Our current models are presented in detail on this web page. There, you can download product brochures or pictures.

Spare Parts / PowerParts /PowerWear

1. Where can I get information or a catalogue for KTM PowerParts / PowerWear?

You will find the current PowerWear collection here.
You will find the current PowerParts catalog here.
You can get the printed catalogue from your KTM dealer.

2. When will there be new items or a new collection of KTM PowerWear?

The main collection of KTM PowerWear is presented in September of each year.
A Spring Collection also comes out in March.

3. I have a question about the function and intended use of PowerWear clothing. Who can I ask?

Please contact the KTM dealer in your area.

You will find information and detailed product descriptions in the PowerWear catalog or at this link.

4. Where can I buy or order KTM Spare Parts / PowerParts / PowerWear?

Please contact the KTM dealer in your area.

5. Where do I get spare parts catalogues and repair manuals?

Please contact the KTM dealer in your area.

6. Where can I find information on the availability and prices of KTM Spare Parts / PowerParts / PowerWear?

Please contact the KTM dealer in your area.

7. I have a complaint regarding KTM Spare Parts/PowerParts/PowerWear. Who can I contact about this?

Please contact the KTM dealer in your area or the dealer that you bought the product from.

8. How do I find the correct KTM Spare Parts/PowerParts/PowerWear article number?

You will find PowerParts/PowerWear article numbers either on our website on the PowerParts/PowerWear web pages, in the respective catalog, or you can enquire at any KTM dealer. You can search for the article numbers for KTM Spare Parts at KTM dealer.

You will find the current PowerWear collection here.
You will find the current PowerParts catalogue here.
For spare parts queries, please contact your KTM dealer.