KTM 500 EXC-F Six Days 2020



No other brand stands up to the success of KTM when it comes to enduro, and this is clearly evident in the biggest competition on the calendar, the 'International Six Days Enduro' (ISDE). From its humble beginnings, the ISDE has turned into the team world championship of the Enduro scene. This Enduro marathon demands as much from the bikes as it does from the riders, and every year, more than half of them show up on Orange. The 2019 International Six Days Enduro will be held on demanding terrain in Portugal. No chain is stronger than its weakest link, so no compromise can be made for those intent on crossing the finish line. KTM, once again rises to the challenge with the latest, limited Six Days edition of extra-tough machines. Easily identified by their special Six Days design, these bikes feature an extended list of top-of-the-line components, all specially designed and refined by KTM's own research and development department. These are the ultimate Enduro bikes for the exceptional event.

510.9 cm³
Motor monocilíndrico de 4 tiempos
95 mm
72 mm
Arranque eléctrico
6 marchas

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