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Form follows function. The KTM X-BOW R has been designed down to the very last detail as an uncompromising driving machine. Many of the conventional elements aimed purely at comfort have been omitted. Dispensation with a roof and the windscreen as well as omission of air-conditioning and entertainment systems all takes a little getting used to. But it allows concentration on the most important aspect: the driving experience! For those who do not want to do it without comfort, KTM offers various additional equipment.

图中所示的车辆可能在特定细节上与生产车型有所差别;一些图中所包含的选用配备需另外付费选购。   所有关于供货范围、外观、保养服务、尺寸和重量等信息均不具约束力,并通过限制性条款具体规定,任何印刷、排版和打字等错误,本公司保留逕行更動結構之权利,恕不再另行通知。对于错误的说明,我们将不承担任何责任和义务。