Super sports car technology for the 21st century

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Revolutionary. Puristic. Radical. In the form of the production version of the X-BOW, Austrian manufacturer KTM presented its interpretation of a super sports car for the 21st century in 2008. "We wanted to take Colin Chapman's idea of a spartan, lightweight sports car reduced to the bare essentials and transfer it into the new millennium - with as many technological innovations as possible," says KTM CEO Stefan Pierer. Together with the specialists at Italian sports car manufacturer Dallara, the composites experts Wethje, the think-tank KTM Technologies and engine partner Audi, what is probably the most exciting super sports car of our times was produced in only 18 months. The extraordinary styling came from Gerald Kiska and the team at Kiska Design, who created an iconic modern sports car. "Ready to Race" - this not only applies to KTM motorcycles, but also to the X-BOW. When developing the "R", we focussed on improving both performance data and overall performance. Even more extreme, even faster and even more impressive. The result is quite outstanding. The KTM X-BOW R has been designed down to the very last detail as an uncompromising driving machine. Many of the conventional elements aimed purely at comfort have been omitted. Dispensing with a roof and the windscreen as well as the omission of air-conditioning and entertainment systems all takes a little getting used to. But it allows concentration on the most important aspect: the driving experience!


  • Design


  • Displacement

    1984 cm³

  • Power

    220 kW (300 hp) @ 6.400 rpm

  • Max. torque

    420 Nm @ 3,200 rpm

  • Valves

    16, DOHC

  • Fuel consumption

    8.3 l/100 km

  • CO2 emissions

    189 g/km, EURO 6


  • Dimensions

    3738 x 1915 x 1202 mm

  • Wheelbase

    2430 mm

  • Turning circle

    10.8 m

  • Track front/rear

    1.644 / 1.624 mm

  • Power transmission

    Rear-wheel drive with mechanical slip differential

  • Transmission

    6-speed transmission, manual

  • Tyres front/rear

    205/40 R17 / 255/35 R18

  • Height of centre of gravity

    380 mm

  • Tank capacity (approx.)

    40 l

  • Weight READY TO RACE (without fuel)

    790 kg

  • Maximum speed

    231 km/h

  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h

    3.9 s

  • Deceleration 100-0 km/h

    32.9 m

  • Aerodynamic downforce 100 km/h

    48 kg

  • Aerodynamic downforce 200 km/h

    193 kg

  • Lateral acceleration

    >1.5 g (road tyres)

  • Static weight distribution (front/rear)