The development of the KTM X-BOW GT4 was exclusively carried out together with highly specialized companies. In addition to the monocoque, which came from the Italian motor racing specialist Dallara, the German racing car constructor Reiter Engineering and the engineering service provider KTM Technologies both played decisive roles in the development process. The unique design was once again the work of KISKA. The car is unrivaled in terms of efficiency, cost-effectiveness and safety. It can be deployed all over the world, and above all, it is specifically designed to suit the future GT4 class. It is also low in price when compared to other models, and there are no additional hidden costs!

  • from 975 kg (depending on BOP) dry weight

  • >2.0 g Lateral acceleration

  • Dimensions

    4.112 x 1.933 x 1.140 mm

  • Wheelbase

    2599 mm

  • Turning circle

    18 m

  • Track front/rear

    1.670 / 1.670 mm

  • Power transmission

    Rear-wheel drive with adjustable slip differential

  • Transmission

    Holinger sequential gearbox

  • Height of centre of gravity

    395 mm

  • Maximum speed

    265 km/h

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