KTM Adventure Tours: Bulgarien Tour

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I have a valid motorcycle driving licence, I ride regularly and I'm fairly fit. I've hardly ever ventured away from roads before, but I think I'm capable of taking my first steps into offroad terrain. Or I already have some offroad experience and I enjoy riding in easy terrain. I ride for pleasure and don't want to overextend myself. I can expect to find dirt tracks, mostly easy terrain and single trails, interspersed with a few challenges.

I already have offroad experience, I can overcome easier obstacles alone and I'm seeking further challenges. I want to ride a lot, be challenged, learn more and make progress - no pain, no gain! I can expect to find dirt tracks, single trails, but also demanding, sweat-inducing terrain with hardcore sections where I can broaden my horizons.

I ride offroad regularly and I'm pretty fit. I also dare to take on the toughest terrain. I can expect to find rock ledges, ruts, loose rubble, slippery surfaces - also frequently combined with steep ascents or descents. Even some sections that the group can only overcome with team spirit. I can bring along the right amount of courage, cold-bloodedness and a swift riding style.

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Most time of the year, the country on the Balkan Peninsula offers perfect conditions for Enduro riders. Located in eastern Europe, Bulgaria combines diverse climate conditions and environments with almost untouched nature and thus offers different riding experiences. In summer, challenging tracks invite Enduro enthusiasts to the cool mountain landscape and in spring and autumn, tours through endless pine woods ensure unforgettable experiences. So far Bulgaria had been nearly unknown as outstanding destination for Enduro rides although the country contains unique landscape, rich cultural heritage  and riding fun on all terrains. After the successful completion of the tour, one can enjoy the evening in an extremely hospitable atmosphere with traditional Bulgarian food.