Welcome to the world of Electric-Sports

The brand new KTM Freeride E sets new standards in off-road sport - easy handling, accurately and with sufficient power reserves, there is no hardly terrain that the Freeride E can not handle.

2014 KTM continues his activities around the Freeride E and therefore the track at the E-CROSS CENTER was especially shaped. From beginner to advanced, this remarkable area guarantee lot of fun - matching MX and enduro track are available for all levels.

Different claims, different programs. For the first test of the Freeride E we create a customized test program wjere you can get a first impression. Just for training, or just for a few hours of fun and action, the Freeride E is perfect. Therefor we have also a program where you can hire the bike and train independently on your own.

An instructor is permanently at the track and shows you how to deal with the Freeride E and with a maximum of 8 riders on the track pure driving pleasure is guaranteed.